Great-Smelling Body Scrubs to Banish Dull, Ashy Skin

Rock your self-care routine and achieve the ultimate glow-up with moisturizing exfoliation.

byNafeesa Saboor| PUBLISHED Jun 25, 2020 10:04 PM
Great-Smelling Body Scrubs to Banish Dull, Ashy Skin
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There are so many songs dedicated to the beauty of melanated skin, from Goodie Mob’s “Beautiful Skin” to Beyoncé‘s “Brown Skin Girl.” However it sometimes feels difficult to achieve a glow that inspires lyrical genius, no matter how much you moisturize after a shower or bath. That’s because simply washing doesn’t always remove the layers of dead cells that may build up to cause dullness and hinder moisture from fully penetrating deeper layers of the skin. If you’ve ever wondered why your skin still gets ashy, despite applying oils, creams and lotions, a lack of exfoliation is likely the culprit. The solve? Body scrubs, especially ones made from natural oils and salt or sugar. After washing and rinsing, massaging your skin with an indulgent, oil-rich scrub not only exfoliates, but it also adds moisture to newly exposed layers. There’s a scrub out there for almost everyone, with scents that range from fresh, to fruity, to effervescent and exfoliation levels from gentle to strong.

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Smaller granules are gentler to the skin, and fruity ingredients smell delicious.

Sugar scrubs tend to range on the gentler side of the spectrum because their granules are fairly small and smooth. As you rub them onto your skin, you may even notice that they seem to melt or disappear. Choosing one that’s made with shea butter or another ultra-moisturizing oil can help slough off dead skin, and if it’s infused with fruit purees, it’ll likely smell as good as your skin feels. Make sure to rinse your skin (and your tub or shower) well after use to remove any oily residue.

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Himalayan pink salt has surged in popularity over the last few years, whether as a flavor boost for food or in lamps that provide a calming glow. It’s also become a go-to ingredient in salt scrubs because of its concentration of trace minerals that may benefit the skin. Some scrubs even up the ante with ingredients like collagen to help hydrate and rejuvenate skin as you exfoliate. If you realize your skin needs more TLC than a sugar scrub provides, one of these high-powered salt scrubs may do the trick.

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When using beauty products in a jar, we often scoop them out using our fingers, which can consequently deposit small amounts of unwanted bacteria. However, we can prevent that by using a small spoon or spatula instead. Additionally, full exfoliation can take a few steps, like using a loofah before your scrub to help buff away dead skin cells before or after using the scrub of your choice. Instead of searching for each part of your routine separately, consider buying a ready-made kit. You’ll save time and simply your journey to radiant skin.