Body Lotions and Creams to Smooth Your Rough, Bumpy Skin

Bumps on a log? Fine. Bumps on your skin? No thank you!

Body lotions and creams with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)—an umbrella group of naturally occurring acids including lactic, malic and glycolic—can help smooth out bumpy skin. Here are the ingredients to look for, plus our picks.

Exfoliating and Fragrance-Free

The replenishing ceramides in this gentle formula have time-release technology for long-lasting hydration. CeraVe


When fruit acids—lactic, salicylic and hyaluronic—combine with anti-inflammatory vitamin D, the result is smooth, calmed skin with no clogged pores. Ceramides are a crucial ingredient for smoother skin: The lipids help form a barrier to preserve moisture.

Products with AHAs can make you more prone to sunburn, so anytime you use one and are headed outside, make sure to also layer on an SPF.

Goes Deep

This botanical-forward concoction is gentle enough to slather on and nix any scratchy spots without leaving a greasy residue. Puriya


Earth goddesses looking for a plant-derived option for kicking scaly skin to the curb should look for ingredients like honey, shea butter, aloe vera, amaranth and jojoba oil, which smooth, soothe and hydrate.

Powerful Formula

If the price dissuades you, consider that this one does everything the others do (including repairing cracked heels, elbows, and knees) and has anti-aging properties as well. Glytone


Glycolic acid (a type of AHA) stimulates collagen production, to tighten skin and minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. But beware, anyone with dry or sensitive skin: Glycolic acid can irritate, so leave it to the oily, combo and normal folks.