Boar Bristle Brushes for Shiny, Smooth Hair

You’ll never want to use another brush again.

byChristin Perry|
Boar Bristle Brushes for Shiny, Smooth Hair
Boar bristle brushes evenly distribute your scalp’s natural oils for shiny, tangle-free hair. Unsplash

Sick of having hair that frizzes at the ends, but flattens at the roots? Look to a boar bristle brush, which glides through stubborn tangles and evenly distributes your scalp’s natural oils. Not only does this smooth your hair, it also keeps oil and product from building up at the scalp (which means you may be able to prolong wash day a little longer). Keep reading for our favorite boar bristle picks.

This pick consists of 70% natural fibers, 30% manmade, and comes with a cleaner and a cover bag.

A mix of stiff nylon and soft boar bristles stimulates the scalp and tugs through knots on thick hair. If you brush your hair straight out of the shower, make sure you’ve slathered on enough deep conditioner beforehand—otherwise, delicate strands might break off.

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Extra gentle pick made from 100% natural animal hair fibers packed tightly to massage your scalp.

All natural boar bristles are great at massaging the scalp, detangling knots and distributing healthy oils through hair strands. Because of how soft and flexible the bristles are, they work best on detangling fine hair.

This product features a rubber cushion that’s built to last, and top-quality boar bristles for ultra smooth, glistening hair with every use.

The 100% boar bristles on this brush are long, thin and flexible, which means they won’t snag or create unnecessary tension on fine or thinning hair types. Give yourself a scalp massage with the long bristles by gently moving the brush in circular motions.