3 Reasons You Should Try a Brush Made Specifically for Wet Hair

Wet brushes are specifically designed to glide through post-shower hair for easy detangling and extra smoothing power.

A wet brush is your secret weapon to detangling and defrizzing. Whether you have a mane full of curls or pin-straight hair, here’s why a good wet brush can be a game changer.

Super Gentle

Keep one in the shower, and one in your hair-stuff drawer. Amazon


The secret of wet brushes? The flexible yet firm bristles. They glide through hair types to untangle knots with much more ease than a stiffer paddle brush or boar’s bristle brush. The Wet Brush brand is the original innovator in these beauty tools—we found this two-pack that’ll let you keep one in the shower and the other in your gym bag or another convenient spot.

Ergonomic Handle

Time for your 100 strokes. Amazon


You want your beauty tools to work great. The makers of wet brushes typically pay close attention to the ergonomics of the brush handles to make sure that you can maintain a good grip even when things get slippery. Thanks to growing demand for wet brushes, brands are also coming up with increasingly chic versions of this beauty basic. This mirrored rose gold one has the soft, flexible bristles it needs, but is also just so…cute.

Vented Style

Step up your blowout. Amazon


If you don’t have much storage space in your bathroom or vanity area, it helps to have beauty tools that do more than one thing! A vented wet brush like this one can double as both the brush you use to detangle post-shower and the brush you use for your blow out. If you plan to use your wet brush with heat tools, be sure to look for one with heat-resistant bristles. Otherwise, the heat could warp or damage the soft plastic material.