Turbans and Headwraps for When You Haven’t Had Your Hair Done in a While

Wrap-up when you can’t get a touch-up.

byNafeesa Saboor| PUBLISHED Jun 25, 2020 9:54 PM
Turbans and Headwraps for When You Haven’t Had Your Hair Done in a While
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Whether you’re someone who cares for your own hair, or someone who outsources to a stylist, there will be times when you have to go a little longer between wash-and-style days or braid appointments than you’d prefer. When that happens, don’t let it keep your selfies from being stellar, and don’t feel like you’re limited to baseball caps for cover. There are so many stylish scarves, turbans and headwraps available, from casual to cosmopolitan, that look great on any length or texture of hair. The key is to make sure the one you select is soft and relatively safe for your hair, meaning it’s made from or lined in a low-friction fabric, like satin. Also be mindful of fabrics that are very absorbent, as they may strip needed oils from 3C, 4A, 4B, 4C or higher porosity hair textures.

A fully customizable option for endless style choices.

The most versatile option is a scarf or large piece of fabric that can be wrapped or tied in a multitude of ways. One day, it can be worn as a band to obscure overgrown roots, and the next, it can be wrapped around your entire head and finished with a front knot. Those who are more advanced or creative may even experiment with other methods of twisting and tying the ends of the fabric for a more unique or African-inspired finish.

It’s already tied, so you can be ready in a breeze.

If you need a throw-on-and-go option for days when you’re short on time, but want to look highly put-together, opt for a turban or cap that’s already tied for you. If you buy a multi-pack you’ll have colors and prints to match various outfits. Again, be mindful of the material from which the caps are made, as different hair types have different needs. Also, these styles work best on super-short, straightened or braided styles, as they don’t offer as much flexibility and may appear lumpy with styles that don’t lay close to the scalp.

When the days are hot, you’ll still look haute.

If you’re in a climate where the temperatures get pretty high, you may be worried that wrapping your hair will make you overheat. Fear not. You just have to find a headwrap in a lightweight fabric that’s also breathable. Stretch isn’t required, but you may find that it’s more comfortable. Either way, be careful not to pull it too tight, as that may cause damage to your precious edges or to the hairs at the nape of your neck.