The Best Professional-Grade Nail Drills

A necessity for acrylic nails—though amateur manicurists beware.

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Mar 16, 2021 3:08 PM
The Best Professional-Grade Nail Drills
The key to smooth, glossy, razor-sharp acrylics? A great nail drill.

Nail drills are handheld electronic files that smooth and shape nails (on both hands and feet), plus can buff off pesky calluses and cuticles. If acrylic manicures are your thing, drills are an essential tool to keep them in check. But as awesome as this tool is, it’s quite powerful and really meant for professional use only. Please bear that in mind when looking to add some power to your mani/pedi routine.

Most Powerful
Made from premium aluminum with a vent for highly efficient heat dissipation, low noise, and vibration.

 It’s all about the need for speed. Look for adjustable speed settings that let you go nice and slow or take things up a notch, as high as 20,000 RPMs. High speeds are used for shaping acrylics, while low speeds are best for work on natural nails. Another feature to look out for is the ability to change the rotating direction of the drill bit. That makes it easier to switch hands as needed.

Easy Care
Features a quiet motor, and won’t overheat.

Look for a drill that includes a variety of bits, for smoothing the sides of the nail, shaping up the tips, and buffing away the cuticles. And don’t forget to sanitize the drill with isopropyl alcohol like you would any nail tool, such as files or cuticle pushers—especially if you’re using it on others.

Most Versatile
Available in three colors: purple, gold and silver.

 If you’re committed to going the DIY manicure route, take caution and be sure to start off at a low speed. Check that the drill bit you’re using is compatible with acrylic, powder, or natural nails, and keep in mind that the coarser the metal of the bit, the harder it will be on the nails.