Three Adorable Mini Brush Kits for Your Makeup Bag

All your favorite makeup staples, shrunken.

It can be hard to figure out which makeup brushes you actually need in your routine—that’s why brush kits are so useful. With a kit, you get to try a variety of brushes to find what works best for your eye shape, for your cream and powder products and just what looks prettiest sitting in your makeup bag. Read on for three very pretty picks.

Rainbow Bright

The brightly colored bristles of this travel brush set are sure to make you smile. Amazon


Lipsticks and eye shadows don’t have to be the only colorful items in your makeup bag. SHANY Cosmetics comes through with the happiest little brush set complete with bristles in hues of bright yellow, blue, orange, purple, red and green. It’s like having your own little rainbow of brushes at the ready anytime you need them.

For a Full Face

Comes in six dreamy pastel hues, including a cotton candy pink and blue ombre. Amazon


These brushes are baby soft and come in a sleek, pretty case that won’t clutter up your vanity. The eyeshadow brushes are small enough for precise detail work and blending, while the face brushes will make blending your contour with your blush a breeze.

Under the Sea

It’s almost impossible not to smile when you’re blending your foundation in with a fish-shaped brush. Amazon


Even if you’re only doing a no-makeup-makeup look, you’ll feel extra glam doing it with these mermaid-inspired brushes. This set comes with 11 brushes, including several different sizes of blending brushes to get the perfect smokey eye, a fan-shaped brush for a popping highlight, and an adorable foundation brush shaped like a fish.