3 Perfect Hand Creams—Keep One in Your Purse, Car and Nightstand

Frequent hand washing can wreak havoc on your skin—never fear, the most hydrating hand creams are here.

Girl applying moisturizer on her hands
Banish dry skin with these indulgent hand creams. Getty Images

Frequent sudsing may be good for you but it can damage your skin’s protective barrier, leaving your hands flaky, chapped and red. To keep your hands smooth and healthy, tuck a tube of lotion or hand cream in every spot you spend time in throughout the day. When you reapply, pay close attention to knuckles and the webbed space between your fingers, sensitive areas that tend to take the brunt of dryness.

For Your Purse

Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream
Available in travel-size and full-size tubes.Amazon

If you tend toward dry hands it’s smart to keep a travel-sized hand creme in your favorite purse or wallet so you have access to hydration no matter where you are. We like this one because the bright citrus blend of tangerine, mandarin and lemon is a pleasant pick-me-up while you’re on the go—and the 1.4 ounce size fits neatly in a side pocket in your purse (or in a larger wallet compartment). A little goes a long way.

For Your Car

Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream Cactus & Pink
A paraben-free and hypoallergenic formula works for everyone.Amazon

Staring at your flaky knuckles at a red light? A swift application of this nourishing hand cream feels like a mini spa session. Don’t worry about leaving handprints all over the car or your hands slipping on the wheel: the aloe vera-based cream absorbs quickly so your hands won’t be slick when the light goes to green.

For Your Nightstand

L’Occitane Delicious Hands Hand & Nail Care
This petite tube of hand cream won’t clutter your nightstand drawer.Amazon

Almond oil is one of the most popular massage oils at professional spas—and you can use it at home, too, as part of a relaxing nighttime routine with this best-selling cream. Since the light formula won’t leave your fingers filmy or tacky, you can still leaf through your pre-bedtime novel without smearing the pages (or your e-reader screen).