Better Hair: Why You Should Add a Detangler to Your Routine

Think detanglers only rid your hair of knots? This unsung hero also tackles frizz, dullness and heat damage (among other woes).

Curly hair might be most prone to tangles, but anyone with pin-straight locks knows it can get twisted, too. Today’s detanglers set you up for healthy, bouncy, smooth hair all the time—being knot free is just an added bonus. Here are three multitasking picks to consider.

Good for All Hair Types

Spray before using a curling or flat iron for extra heat protection. Amazon


A leave-in detangler’s job isn’t done once you style your hair. It should keep working to smooth, nourish, strengthen and protect all day. You can use this one on both wet and dry hair, so you can keep up the routine between washes.

Smells Amazing

Safe for the whole family to use. Amazon


Some hair products can have overpowering scents that stick around all day long. The light, sweet scent of this one makes it a top choice. Its irresistible orange vanilla bouquet is created through all natural ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter, jojoba protein and quinoa extract.

Ideal for Tinted Tresses

Give your hair a spritz any time it feels dry. Pureology


A great detangler moisturizes your hair so it’ll easily separate while brushing. But once your hair is brushed and looking sleek, how do you keep it that way? That’s where nourishing ingredients like coconut and olive oils come in to keep strands looking polished.