The Best Foot Spas for an At Home Pedicure Experience

Permission to pamper starts now.

When all you crave at the end of a long day is time to decompress and de-stress at the spa, it doesn’t have to feel like a pipe dream. Foot spas get your feet fresh and ready for lotion, polish and all other pedicure essentials.

Sigh of Relief

You can control and adjust all functions of this spa bath with the touch of four clearly marked buttons. MaxKare


A foot spa that focuses on the acupressure points of your feet feels like a decadent massage. Combined with hot water (and essential oils if you’re feeling extra luxurious), you’ll never want to take your toes out.

Super Soaker

Control the massage feature with your toes. Conair


If you’re on your feet for most of the day, look for a spa that can maintain your chosen water temperature and gently move your feet. That soothes sore muscles and can help alleviate swelling.

Room to Relax

Bubbles circulate heat and soothe tired digits. MaxKare


You want a foot bath with a sturdy, tall basin to ensure your feet have the room to fully soak while you can sit back and relax. Foot spas are the perfect precursors to a pedicure, especially if you have stubborn calluses. Soaking feet will soften them, making them easier to exfoliate before adding polish and other finishing touches.