The Best Exfoliating Gloves to Make Bath Time a True Spa Experience

Grab your favorite shower gel and get ready for deliciously smooth skin.

byKelly Bryant|
The Best Exfoliating Gloves to Make Bath Time a True Spa Experience
Get the smoothest skin ever with these exfoliating gloves. Getty Images

There are a ton of beauty goodies on the market that can help you create a spa-like experience at home. But one item people often overlook is a great pair of exfoliating gloves. These beauties are perfect for removing dull, dead cells from your skin’s surface to reveal a smoother, glowier texture. Easy to keep tucked away when not in use, and a piece of cake to wash, these pairs are the ones that’ll give you the best experience.

Urban Spa Exfoliating Gloves

Snap up a pair of these exfoliating gloves for daily use in the shower or bath.

These exfoliating gloves exude a sense of calm thanks to their pretty sage green color, but wait until you start using them! Gentle enough for daily use, slip the gloves on to lather up your favorite shower gel. Then, work over your skin in circular motions to slough away dead cells. By giving your body a gentle scrub, your after-shower body moisturizer will seep into your skin more easily.

The Original Kessa Hammam Scrubbing Glove

Dead skin be gone! This gentle but effective glove will help you make the most of your shower time.

Constructed with a traditional Moroccan design, this scrubbing glove is super easy to slide on and off because it doesn’t have separate finger slots. The texture of the glove is so gentle you won’t believe how well it works at getting rid of the dead surface layer of skin, stomping out impurities and excess oil at the same time.

Premium Exfoliating Loofah Glove

Simplify your bath routine with this natural loofah glove.

Get back to basic with this natural-looking loofah that fits like a glove! It’s made of 100% natural loofah paired with a terry cloth material that will feel absolutely lovely on your skin. Just slide your hand through the band on the back of the loofah and carefully work in circles around your body to ditch old skin cells and even increase circulation. It’s a great way to add a dash of detoxification to your day-to-day bathing rituals.