Three Curly Hair Combs for Frizz Relief

Play up your best waves with these three styling assistants.

byTamara Palmer| PUBLISHED Dec 11, 2019 7:21 PM
Three Curly Hair Combs for Frizz Relief

Though it can be the envy of straight-haired people everywhere, curly hair—whether natural or salon-assisted—usually needs a little bit of extra tender loving care in order to thrive and look alive, especially when there’s a tendency toward developing unwanted frizziness. A good comb (or set of combs) can strengthen and protect strands from the damage of everyday wear and tear.

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Ionic technology smoothes strands and enhances shine.

Static electricity is no friend to frizz-prone heads, but the ionic technology in Revlon’s Anti-Static Hair Combs assists in combating static to keep hair shiny and flyaway free. This three-piece comb set is made for those with fuller and longer hair and offers a variety of styling possibilities for a good value.

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Works for all ages, but will definitely decrease little ones' pre- and post-shower hair-brushing meltdowns.

Knots and tangles are tamed sideways instead of the more typical up and down in this bright pink brush that is gentle enough to use on kids—even the ones for whom detangling hair can be an upsetting prospect. It can also be used on wet or dry hair.

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Sweet-smelling and effective at loosening stubborn knots.

The wide teeth on this comb are ideal for detangling unruly tresses, which is a common pitfall for curly-haired people. And while you might never think to look for a pleasant-smelling comb, the natural green sandalwood that this comb is made of offers a refreshing scented alternative to a plastic comb.