The Beauty Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed: a Tiny Fridge

Beauty fridges aren’t just all kinds of adorable, they’re tiny powerhouses that help to ensure the active ingredients in your skincare products stay strong.

If you like luxury brands or are just a beauty fiend (Sephora VIBs, you know who you are!), using a beauty fridge could save you money by extending the potency and life of your favorite products. Here are three questions to ask yourself before choosing one.

Can This Accommodate Products of Different Heights and Sizes?

The bottom shelf is perfect for holding taller bottles of essences and toners. Amazon


There’s a good reason that your favorite serum, calming foundation or wrinkle cream works so well: Active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and retinol. If you read the package insert on your products you’ll notice that many of them tell you to “store in a cool, dry place”—the exact opposite of your steamy medicine cabinet (or that makeup bag you leave in your car). Did you know that, according to a 2017 survey, the average American spends between $26 and $50 U.S. dollars on beauty and personal care products each month? That adds up! This sleek pick comes with a 3-year warranty (that’s three times as long as the one Apple offers on new iPhones) so you can feel confident in your investment.

Do I Have Products That Also Need to be Warmed?

Some beauty fridges can also warm products like coconut oil or heat-activated face masks. Amazon


Some beauty fridges not only have the ability to keep your beauty products (or any other small items that need chilling) cool, but they can also do the reverse and warm something up should you need it. For example, some mud masks work better when warmed up to activate the ingredients. This little fridge is small and energy efficient, so can tote this beauty around with your supplies or keep it away in a bathroom or bedroom for easy access.

Can All Your Products Fit?

This 10-liter fridge is still compact but holds more than your average mini chiller. Amazon


Count the number of items you’d like to store before investing in a fridge to ensure all of your precious beautifiers will be well-chilled and ready for application at a moment’s notice. If the average 4-liter beauty fridge just doesn’t hold enough for you, wait until you lay your eyes on Cooluli’s Infinity Gold Compact Cooler. This baby is a 10-liter size, which is the equivalent of 12 soda cans.