Growing Out Your Beard? Here’s Why You Need Beard Oil

A good balm can make a pokey, patchy beard look smooth and feel soft. Here’s how to find the right one.

Girl kissing her smiling hipster boyfriend on his cheek
Better beard for you, less beard burn for your boo.Getty Images

Split ends. Splotchy growth. Coarse, pokey hair. Finding the right beard oil can tame even the most unruly beard if it matches your hair and skin type. Read on to find the perfect beard oil for you.

Ranger Grooming Co. Fragrance Free Beard Oil

All Natural

This product contains just two ingredients: jojoba and argan.Amazon

Perfumed products can create skin irritation and mild allergic reactions in some people, even if the scents are naturally derived. So if you have sensitive skin or have a tendency toward allergies, look for an unscented conditioner like this one. Bonus: it clears up beardruff (beard dandruff).

Honest Amish Beard Balm


You’ll love the subtle cedarwood and clove scent.Amazon

Do your hairs get sharp and prickly after trimming? Beard balm can fix that. With regular use, this softening elixir will keep your beard supple after trims and for all of the days in between. This one also smoothies pesky split ends.

Bossman Beard Oil

Viscous Consistency

A heavy-duty option is great for any style that needs extra taming.Amazon

If your beard grows coarse or comes in splotchy, try a formula that eliminates beard itch and promotes thicker growth, like this one. Your beard will be fuller and softer in no time.