3 Benefits of Using a Face Mask Brush

(Besides looking like an influencer.)

A face mask brush keeps your face and hands clean, and wastes less of your pricey clay mask. Here are our picks for a spalike facial.

Achieve an Even Layer

Less is sometimes more: use this to spread a thin, even layer across your complexion. Opiqcey


One of the biggest reasons to use a face mask brush is to prevent any dirt, oil or germs that may be hanging out on your hands from soiling your clean face. This can cause unwanted breakouts, which is what you’re hoping to avoid by using a face mask in the first place! And when you use a face mask brush, it should be as clean as possible for the same reason. Just wash with warm water, and add a gentle cleanser if needed. Consider a two-pack of brushes in order to clean one while using the other.

Waste Less Product

Unlike a sponge or your fingertips, the rubbery surface won’t absorb any excess product. LORMAY


It’s no secret that face masks can be super expensive. So when you find the one that’s right for your skin type, you’ll probably want to make it last as long as possible. You’re in luck—one of the biggest benefits of a face mask brush is that it gives an even application and doesn’t soak up any product, so you can get better coverage with less. A real win-win if you ask us!

Feel Luxurious

At only 4 inches long, this spatula fits perfectly in your makeup bag or cabinet. I DEW CARE


A face mask brush seems like such a trivial thing, but it really can elevate the entire experience of applying and wearing a face mask. A full-size brush with a silicone paddle most closely resembles the ones used at the spa, and can get into the contours of the face. For a cooling, anti-inflammatory effect, store your mask in the fridge before applying.