Bath Poufs to Clean and Exfoliate Your Skin

For clean, glowing skin, the proof is in the pouf.

Regular exfoliation smooths skin and helps cleansing and moisturizing products penetrate deeper. Unlike washcloths and sponges, which can irritate skin with their harsh texture, mesh bath poufs boast a softer, gentler scrubbing power. Here’s what you should know before adding one to your bath and shower routine.

Good for Sensitive Skin

Durable mesh with long ribbon for easy hanging. MainBasics


Poufs are made up of ultra-fine mesh that produces a rich lather when you add body wash. They’re great for cleansing a large surface area at once, and for offering gentle exfoliation.

Soft but Dense

Multipack made of recycled and eco-friendly materials. Beautyinside


Those with sensitive skin should start by using the pouf a few times a week, rather than daily, to keep from stripping skin. Use a hydrating body wash for gentle cleansing, or apply a scrub to the pouf for more intense exfoliation.


Premium design with a skin-soothing special ingredient. WhaleLife


Instead of leaving your bath pouf hanging in the shower after use, consider wringing it out and leaving it to air dry in a cool place away from moisture. This will increase the shelf life of your bath pouf—although you should still remember to replace it every two to three weeks.