Banish Knots with Detangling Brushes

Have smooth, tangle-free hair once again!

detangling brush
Get a sleek blowout every time with the help of a good detangling brush.Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

The right detangling brush can help you eliminate painful yanking and tugging with bristles designed to smooth unruly locks. These three detangling brushes work on all hair types,, both wet and dry.

Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush

Flexible for Comfort

You’ll enjoy sleek, knot-free results with less effort when you pick up this brightly colored option.Wet Brush

Flexible but strong. That’s the ideal combination for bristles on a detangling brush. Before you buy, press the bristles against your hand to see if they flex easily without breaking or separating. And look for protective coating on the ends, which makes for a tear-free process.

Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush for Adults & Kids Hair

Beadless Bristles

Cone-shaped bristles in various sizes lift and separate knots to tease them free, instead of painful pulling and yanking.Crave Naturals

When it’s time to brush those knots out, you want something that’s effective but comfortable so the kids don’t run away. While most brushes tug at tangles and knots, you need one that gently works its way through matted hair. The lack of beads topping these bristles means the brush won’t get caught in stubborn snags.

Mason Pearson Detangler Hair Brush

For Fine Strands

The nylon bristles offer tough knot removal with minimal effort.Mason Pearson

Look for a cushion that won’t pull away from the base of the brush when the going gets tough. Nylon bristles make a great choice for detangling, working their way through hair as painlessly as possible.