The Best Wireless Bras of 2021
UPDATED October 19, 2021 09:14 AM

The Best Wireless Bras of 2021

No need to sacrifice comfort for support with these wireless choices.

Best Overall
Bali Women’s Double Support Wirefree Bra is one of the best overall wireless bras .
Bali Women’s Double Support Wirefree Bra

Breathable and classy, this bra is a great all-around choice.

Best Value
Fruit of the Loom Seamed Wirefree Bra is the best value wireless bra.
Fruit of the Loom Seamed Wirefree Bra

Cost-effective bra made by a well-known brand with a proven history of success.

Best Style
Calvin Klein Invisible Comfort Bralette Bra
Calvin Klein Invisible Comfort Bralette Bra

A comfortable and subtle bra that is crafted by a high-fashion brand.

Written By Corrina Murdoch
Updated October 19, 2021 09:14 AM

Whether you’re looking for a sports bra or some sexy lingerie, bras can provide reliable support and a sleeker silhouette. While some bras are made with wires to provide additional structure and support, wireless bras can be more comfortable to wear. They’re now available for a wide range of uses: from playing sports, to nursing, to formal events. Pair the style choices with size, color, and material, and it can get overwhelming fast. To help you along, we’ve tracked down the best wireless bras for every style and purpose.

How We Selected The Products


The key reason consumers prefer wireless bras is comfort, so we started there. By looking at the design and the fabric, we searched for wireless bras with sufficient support and ventilation. Synthetic fibers are more supportive, but they aren’t ideal for airflow. Natural fibers, on the other hand, are prone to shrinking in the dryer and aren’t as supportive. We identified the options with blended materials, formed into supportive designs. Finally, we looked for wireless bras that came in a range of sizes.

The Best Wireless Bras: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Bali Women’s Double Support Wirefree Bra

Stylish bra that’s both supportive and breathable.

Why It Made the Cut: This pretty wireless option provides plenty of support and is perfect for everyday use. 


  • 100 percent polyester
  • Tagless back hook-and-eye-closure
  • Spa closure
  • Machine washable


  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Synthetic material won’t shrink or wear prematurely
  • Woven textile ensures proper airflow


  • Polyester stitching can get damaged in the wash
  • Spa pouch can stretch out over time
  • Plastic strips on the side panels can be annoying

Looking for a wireless bra that can replace your everyday lingerie? Bali Women’s Double Support Wirefree Bra is a great way to add comfort without surrendering style. With a pretty floral pattern and a scalloped trim, this bra features adjustable straps and the standard hook and eye closure at the back of the bra. It also comes with an innovative “spa closure,” a gel pouch between you and the bra closure, which eliminates back irritation. Despite lacking a wire, the polyester material offers ample support. You can get this bra in a range of sizes and colors, each made out of the same woven material with seamless lining. Machine washable, if you air dry, this bra should last. Comfortable, breathable, and classy, this is a clear winner overall. 

Best Value: Fruit of the Loom Seamed Wirefree Bra

This bra offers comfort and support from a trusted brand.

Why It Made the Cut: Made by a trusted brand, this wireless bra provided plenty of support at a good price. 


  • Construction: 100 percent cotton
  • Wide adjustable straps
  • Hand-wash only


  • Comes at a friendly price point
  • Soft cotton material is ideal for sensitive skin
  • Features the standard back hook-and-eye closure


  • Straps can be hard to adjust
  • Somewhat awkward clasp mechanism
  • Will shrink substantially in the dryer

Made by one of the best known brands in underwear, the Fruit of the Loom Seamed Wirefree Bra is an easy pick when it comes to value. This bra is made out of cotton, which is comfortable for people with sensitive skin. With a cup designed to be gentle to the touch, the cotton is also breathable. Wide straps provide extra support and the bra also comes in a wide range of sizes. Provided you hand wash and dry this bra, it won’t shrink and will retain its structure for long-term use. 

Best Everyday Bra: Warner’s Easy Does It Wireless Bra

Strong support fit for any body shape that comes in 17 colors.

Why It Made The Cut: With comfortable padded cups and wide straps, this bra is ideal for everyday use.


  • 94 percent nylon, 6 percent spandex
  • Machine washable
  • Extra side-coverage panels smooth out underarm bulge
  • Wide range of sizes and colors


  • Made out of innovative material for added support
  • All-over stretch fabric
  • Bras are able to be machine washed in cold water


  • Not sufficiently ventilated for use during exercise
  • Hook closure can easily bend under excessive pressure
  • Doesn’t offer much support to larger-busted women

Just because you’re ditching the underwire doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion. The Warner’s Easy Does It Wireless Bra offers the comfort you’ve been looking for. The nylon and spandex material provides plenty of comfort. Woven using a microfiber, the textile is gentle on the skin. The cups are lightly padded and the extra side panel coverage prevents bulging, which results in a smooth look. The wide straps are easy to adjust for a good fit. Available in several colors ranging from classic black to aqua rain, this bra is a great pick for lounging around the house.

Best Style: Calvin Klein Invisible Comfort Bralette Bra

A comfortable and subtle bra that is crafted by a high-fashion brand.

Why It Made the Cut: Part of Calvin Klein’s Invisibles collection, this bra’s seam-free edges make it disappear under your clothing.


  • 77 percent nylon, 23 percent elastane
  • Smooth, flexible microfiber has silky feel
  • Pulls on easily


  • Skinny straps that are easy to adjust
  • Seamless design works with any outfit
  • Light, removable padding


  • Technically a bralette not a bra
  • Runs a little small

Looking for a bra that’s supportive and stylish? Consider the Calvin Klein Invisible Comfort Bralette Bra, which stands out for its smoothing effects. Unlike most of the other selections available, this bra’s nylon and elastane material doesn’t push up breasts but flattens them, creating a clean line. The supportive nature makes it ideal for lighter workouts like yoga. In terms of comfort, although the bra is tight-fitting, the microfiber is reasonably breathable. Easy to put on thanks to the pull-on closure, this seam-free bra looks attractive even if it peeks out of your shirt. It’s stylish, flexible, and lives up to the Calvin Klein name. 

Most Versatile: Hanes SmoothTec Wirefree Bra

Made by a trusted brand in underwear, this bra provides ample support with a comfortable fit and comes in a range of colors and prints.

Why It Made the Cut: This supportive yet breathable bra is versatile enough for the workplace and for workouts.


  • 90 percent polyester, 10 percent spandex
  • Flexible foam cups provide natural shape
  • Easy sizing
  • Shapes to fit you


  • Features patented SmoothTec band tech
  • Designed to provide a forgiving fit
  • Straps are easy to adjust 


  • Requires hand washing and air drying 
  • Synthetic fibers can be rough on sensitive skin

While it might not quite be day-to-night wear, the Hanes SmoothTec Wirefree Bra is still an impressively versatile selection. Made from spandex and polyester, this bra from a longtime underwear brand Hanes provides ample support while resisting damage from stretching. It features the standard hook closure at the back of the bra, making it easy to clasp or remove. The cups are designed with foam, enhancing the natural shape while providing an extra layer of comfort. Equipped with the patented SmoothTec band, the bra retains its position without causing chafing. Stretchy enough for a workout yet chic enough for the workplace, this wire-free bra works anywhere you need it to. 

Things to Consider When Buying Wireless Bras

When opting for a wireless bra, there are a few things to consider. To find the right fit, take a moment to think about the following:


The key purpose of any bra is to support the fat and glandular tissue of the breasts. Whether you are at the office or out for a jog, support prevents soreness in the mammary area. The idea is finding something that won’t over-compress the area yet will still offer the necessary support. Check out the bras we sourced for the roundup for examples of support balanced with comfort.


Especially if you plan to use the bra for exercise, it’s essential to look for a bra with fabric that promotes airflow. Integrating natural fibers into the fabric goes a long way to helping skin breathe. If a bra doesn’t wick away moisture, it won’t be comfortable.


Ever invested in a nice bra only to get the straps tangled in the wash and the cup size shrunk in the dryer? It’s not only wasteful, it’s frustrating. Look practically at the design of the bra and check that it can be cleaned without getting damaged. Check the instructions for washing. The more nuanced they are, the less likely the bra is to retain its shape and structure. Aim for options like the bras on this list, which are vetted for durability and structural integrity. 


Q: What’s the point of a wireless bra?

The idea of a wireless bra is to provide additional comfort. Since there is no underwire, wireless bras are more flexible and let you breathe easier for increased circulation.

Q: Are wireless bras still supportive?

Though it won’t be as supportive as a bra with an underwire, wireless bras do offer an impressive level of support. Most sports bras have no underwire and many provide strong support.

Q: Is there a push-up bra without a wire?

There are wireless push-up bras, usually achieving the underwire’s effect through padding, well-positioned straps, and bands made of elastic. The push-up effect is not usually as significant, but it is still noticeable.

Final Thoughts

With many of us spending time in softer, more comfortable clothing, there seem to be fewer reasons to subject ourselves to underwires in our bras that may be uncomfortable. After considering the options for wireless bras, we chose the Bali Women’s Double Support Wirefree Bra as the overall winner, offering comfort and support in a very attractive bra. Another top choice for its versatility is the Hanes SmoothTec Wirefree Bra, which gives you a clean, smooth line even as it provides ample support.