The Best Water Flossers to Clean Between Your Teeth
UPDATED October 6, 2021 15:05 PM

The Best Water Flossers to Clean Between Your Teeth

Go ahead, make your dentist proud.

Written By Alexandra Berry
Updated October 6, 2021 15:05 PM

Dentists say that flossing is one of the most important things you can do to keep your mouth healthy and clean. But what if you don’t like string floss, or have sensitive gums, braces and/or dental work? It might be time to try a water flosser instead. Similar to regular flossing, water flossing removes food, debris, and any lingering bacteria that could eventually turn into plaque. Like regular floss, water flossing can help prevent gum disease. And since it tends to be more gentle than using string floss, it can reduce bleeding.

Whether you want a cordless, portable, or toothbrush and water flossing combo set, we’ve rounded up the best water flossers of the year.  

How We Picked the Best Water Flossers


To select the top five water flossers, we considered products from ten different companies. The most important factor was versatility. Can this product work for multiple users? How many settings and modes does it have? Water flossers with different modes (typically soft, normal, strong, or pulse are offered) can accommodate different mouths. The same is true for water pressure and other settings. 

We also looked at specific criteria such as whether or not the flosser was cordless, how much water the reservoir holds, portability, and number and usage of additional nozzles. For those with limited counter space in their bathrooms, was there a detachable tip for each person to use in the family? We wanted to offer products that would accommodate specific user needs whether that’s related to braces, budgets, or frequent travel.

The Best Water Flossers: Review and Recommendations

Best Overall: Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

Best Overall
The Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser removes up to 99.9 percent of plaque from treated areas and helps improve gum health.

Why It Made The Cut: The Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser includes two modes: floss mode which uses pulse-modulation technology for plaque removal and hydro-pulse massage mode for improved gum circulation. 


  • Settings: 10,  ranging from 10 to 100 PSI
  • Cordless: No 
  • Modes: Floss Mode and Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode


  • 10 pressure settings
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes 7 flosser tips


  • Noisy  

Having earned the ADA (American Dental Association) Seal of Acceptance, the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser  is our top pick overall. This water flosser removes plaque and debris between the teeth and beneath the gumline where brushing and string floss can’t reach. Specifically, this product boasts that it can remove up to 99.9 percent of plaque from treated areas. It’s also proven to be 50 percent more effective for improving gum health than string floss. This flosser is ideal for people with braces, implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers. 

This Waterpik flosser has two modes: Floss mode, which uses pulse modulation technology for plaque removal, and hydro-pulse massage mode for gum stimulation, which improves circulation. There’s an advanced pressure control system with 10 settings, ranging from 10 to 100 PSI, so you can choose how much water pressure you have, and can increase the pressure as you get more comfortable. The water reservoir holds 22 ounces of water and can provide 90 seconds of continuous flossing. Plus, you can keep track of your efforts with a built-in timer that pauses briefly at 30 seconds and 1 minute so you can keep track of flossing time. 

Best Value: Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser

Best Value
The Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser has three modes to make flossing more comfortable: normal, soft, and pulse.

Why It Made The Cut: This affordable cordless water flosser easily competes with higher priced flossers. It has three flossing modes and a powerful water jet stream, ranging from 30 to 100 PSI. 


  • Settings: 30 to 100 PSI
  • Cordless: Yes
  • Modes: Normal, soft, and pulse


  • Cordless
  • Waterproof
  • Includes four replaceable nozzles for family use 


  • Takes time to get used to

For an affordable price, you can have a quality cordless flosser with four interchangeable nozzles that can be shared by the whole family. The Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser has three deep-cleaning modes: soft, normal, and pulse. If you’re new to water flossing, consider starting with the soft mode as some find the flosser’s pressure is intense and can take some getting used to. The jet stream ranges from 30 to 100 PSI with 1,800 pulses per minute. In addition, this flosser is cordless and can run up to two weeks on a four-hour charge.

The easy-to-clean, detachable water tank holds 300 milliliters of either water (lukewarm is suggested) or mouthwash, and can last for up to 75 seconds of continuous flossing. If you want to multitask, the Zerhunt cordless water flosser is waterproof, so you can floss while you shower. This device works great for those with braces, crowns, implants, or periodontal pockets. 

Best for Travel: Synhope Mini Cordless Water Flosser

Best for Travel
The Synhope Mini Cordless Water Flosser is the size of your palm at 4.88 inches, making it perfectly portable for travel.

Why It Made The Cut: The Synhope Mini Cordless Water Flosser has a unique design. With its telescopic water tank and integrated storage nozzle, it’s small enough to be carried in a purse or toiletry bag for convenient travel. 


  • Settings: 140 PSI
  • Cordless: Yes
  • Modes: Soft, pulse, and strong


  • Three modes
  • Waterproof
  • Includes four jet tips 


  • Only one setting of 140 PSI 

What the Synhope Mini Cordless Water Flosser lacks in size, it makes up for in power. This portable flosser might be only 4.88 inches high thanks to the telescopic water tank and integrated storage nozzle, but it offers 140 PSI strong water pressure and a high frequency of 1,200 pulses per minute. This flosser offers three modes to choose from: soft, pulse, and strong. The soft mode is recommended for first-time users and those with sensitive teeth. The strong mode is recommended for those with periodontal disease. The pulse mode is for a deep clean and gum massage. To switch modes, you simply hold the ‘on/off’ button on the handle down for two seconds. 

This water flosser comes with four jet tips to accommodate different dental needs. The standard tip is recommended for daily cleaning, the periodontal jet tip is good for reaching pockets, the orthodontic tip works for those wearing braces,  and the tongue cleaning tip does just what it says. This cordless flosser is powered by a lithium battery that can be used for up to 30 days with just a four-hour charge. 

Best Toothbrush and Flosser Set: Poseidon Oral Irrigator and Sonic Toothbrush Combo Set

Best Toothbrush and Flosser Set
The Poseidon Oral Irrigator and Sonic Toothbrush Combo set is a two-in-one water flosser and electric toothbrush that are kept fully charged using one single base.

Why It Made The Cut: To avoid bathroom countertop clutter, it’s a smart idea to combine an electric toothbrush and water flosser together into one cordless, compact unit. 


  • Settings: 31,000 pulses per minute
  • Cordless: Yes
  • Modes: Normal, soft, and pulse 


  • Includes 3 color-coded, interchangeable tips and 3 brush heads 
  • One charging base
  • 3 modes for flosser and 3 modes for brush 


  • Expensive  

This Poseidon Oral Irrigator and Sonic Toothbrush Combo Set’s space-saving design features one charging base for both the oral irrigator and toothbrush. The inductive charging stand requires no cables, so as long as you keep your toothbrush and water flosser on the stand, they will be charged. The brush and flosser are fitted with lithium batteries that can go a full week on a single charge. 

The toothbrush and water flosser come with three color-coded, interchangeable brush heads and tips for multiple users. Great for cleaning around bridgework, braces, and caps, the cordless and portable water flosser has three modes—normal, soft, and pulse—so you can choose the pressure according to your needs and comfort level. The water tank accommodates 150 milliliters of water with dual filling ports. Both the toothbrush and water flosser are water-resistant, BPA-free and FDA-approved, and are designed with quiet motors for noise-free use. The toothbrush has three modes as well: clean, soft, and massage. And to keep you on track, the dentist-recommended smart timer alerts you to move to the next area of your mouth every 30 seconds for up to two minutes. 

Best for Kids: Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids

Best for Kids
The WaterPik Water Flosser for kids comes in a funky green hue and features an extra safe, kid-proof electrical design.

Why It Made The Cut: Colorful, safe, and easy to use, the WaterPik Water Flosser for Kids was specifically designed for children ages six and up. To make flossing fun, the box even includes 20 cling decals so kids can decorate their flosser. 


  • Settings: 10 to 80 PSI
  • Cordless: No 
  • Modes: Three


  • Includes two tips: classic and orthodontic
  • Pressure control system with three settings 
  • Reservoir can be inverted for hygienic storage 


  • Expensive 

The Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids is thoughtfully designed to make flossing easy and fun for children ages six and up. The flosser  delivers a unique combination of water pressure and pulsations, providing a deep clean between teeth and below the gumline, and removing harmful bacteria. Ideal for anyone with braces, implants, crowns, retainers, or other dental work, this set includes two tips: one classic jet tip for general use and one orthodontic tip specifically designed to reach underneath wires and around brackets to remove plaque. Using the orthodontic tip, this water flosser is up to three times as effective for removing plaque around braces as string floss. 

There are two knobs on the flosser’s base, one for turning the machine on and off and the other to choose one of the three pressure settings. To maintain hygiene while storing, the reservoir, which accommodates 15 ounces of water and operates for 60 seconds, can be inverted. As a fun added touch, WaterPik includes 20 removable cling labels so kids can decorate and personalize their water flosser.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Flosser 

Before you ditch the floss and invest in a water flosser, here’s what you should keep in mind: 

Cordless vs. Plug-In

Water flossers fall into two main categories: cordless or plug-in. Cordless flossers typically contain a battery and must be charged with either a plug or a charging base. One full charge can last anywhere from a week to a month. Water flossers that you need to keep plugged in, as with other products that require a plug, offer more stability but can take up more counter space. The choice is ultimately up to personal preference. 


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice a healthy mouth if you’re on a budget. Luckily, when it comes to water flossers, you don’t have to. You can get a great flosser for less than $40. When selecting which one to buy, don’t forget to read all of the details and specs to ensure it has everything you need. 

Multiple Modes 

If you’re new to the world of water flossing or have sensitive gums, most companies recommend first using less water pressure and a softer mode until you get your bearings. Once you have some experience using the flosser, you can change the mode and alter the settings. Having a water flosser that has multiple usage modes and a range of water pressure settings can be extremely helpful. 


Q: Do dentists approve the use of water flossers?

While water flossers can help remove food particles from your teeth, reduce bacteria from the gumline, and possibly aid in reducing bleeding and gum disease, most dentists don’t consider them a substitute for brushing and using dental floss. Water flossers don’t generally remove plaque and film from your teeth as well as string floss does. 

Q: Are water flossers bad for your gums? 

Water flossers are not bad for your gums. They may actually cause less damage than dental floss because they don’t put as much pressure on your gums. 

Q: How often should you use a water flosser? 

Water flossers should be used at least once a day, preferably before you brush your teeth, because removing food particles and debris enhances the effectiveness of tooth brushing. Flossing before brushing is the best way to increase the fluoride concentration that is delivered by using toothpaste. 

Final Thoughts

The best water flosser will have features that accommodate your specific and personal oral healthcare or household needs. Whether you have countertop space limitations, don’t have an electrical plug in your bathroom, or you have braces, bridges or sensitive gums, the water flosser you buy will provide a deep cleaning as well as fit comfortably into your space and lifestyle.