The Best Sticky Hooks for Organizing and Decorating
UPDATED September 22, 2021 12:20 PM

The Best Sticky Hooks for Organizing and Decorating

Practical, affordable and hassle-free, these sticky hooks offer vertical storage and style solutions without damaging walls.

Best Overall
Command Medium Designer Hooks are the Best Overall choice for sticky hooks.
Command Medium Designer Hooks

Made from sturdy plastic and able to support three pounds, these classic medium-sized hooks suit most indoor uses.

Best Multi-Size Pack
Command General Purpose Variety Kit is the best multi-size pack.
Command General Purpose Variety Kit

Hang a variety of items (up to 16 pounds) with this multi-purpose kit that includes various hook sizes and picture hanging strips.

Best for Outdoor Use
Command Outdoor Large Hooks are the best sticky hooks for outdoor use.
Command Outdoor Large Hooks

These large hooks can handle a range of temperatures and weather conditions to provide hassle-free hanging outdoors.

Written By Jasmine Harding
Updated September 22, 2021 12:20 PM

Sticky hooks are the perfect solution for renters, college students, and basically, anyone who doesn’t want to damage their walls to add temporary storage and decor.  These handy hooks install without screws, nails, or glue, yet allow you to hang all sorts of items just about anywhere—in a front entryway, a bathroom wall, on the back of a door. Use them to get wet towels out of your way, hang a bag of groceries that would otherwise clutter a countertop, or put holiday decorations right where you want them. When it’s time to move on or change things up, simply peel off the hooks, leaving an undamaged wall behind. 

The best sticky hooks must be reliable—holding fast where you want them and removing with ease without a trace. They should also be easy to install and attractive enough to suit your style. Read on for recommendations of the best sticky hooks to add storage, style, and organization to any room. 

How We Selected the Best Sticky Hooks


Sticky hooks vary in size, weight capacity, and surface compatibility, so the best hook for each situation will vary. Based on our use experience, product research, and consumer reviews, we chose a variety of sticky hook types to suit different hanging needs. 

This required us to keep in mind where you might need sticky hooks and why, and led us to recommend products for a range from small, indoor hooks for such items as keys to larger, water-resistant versions for outdoor decorating. The main features considered were hook size, weight capacity, materials, and style. 

Size and capacity: Choosing the right hook size and capacity is paramount, as even a sturdy hook will fail under too much weight. We included a variety of hook sizes and weight limits to make it easy to find a reliable option. 

Materials: A good sticky hook should last until you're ready to take it down. We selected those made of sturdy materials like steel and heavy-duty plastic that won’t snap, bend, or break.

Style: Style is important to sticky hooks in living spaces, like in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Recommendations here feature attractive finishes to work with your decor as well as transparent backing that is all but invisible. 

The Best Sticky Hooks: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Command Medium Designer Hooks 

A smooth, brushed-nickel finish and three-pound weight capacity makes these mid-size hooks an excellent pick for living spaces.

Why It Made The Cut: The attractive brushed-nickel finish, sturdy material, and three-pound weight capacity let these sticky hooks strike the balance between function and fashion.  


  • Hook Size: Medium
  • Weight Capacity: Three pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Lightweight, sturdy plastic
  • Plastic hook not so aesthetically pleasing
  • Good looking finish 
  • Lower weight capacity
  • Suitable for most wall types
  • As part of its Designer line, these sticky hooks from Command are both stylish and functional. This value pack includes three medium hanging hooks and six adhesive strips. Each hook measures 3.125 by 1.2 inches wide and 1.25 inches deep and holds up to three pounds—ideal for hanging such items as hats, scarves, dog leashes, and small bags or backpacks. Though made of plastic, the hooks feature a realistic brushed nickel finish, which mimics sleek stainless steel, but without the extra weight. 

    Made for indoor use, these hooks are suitable for most wall types, except for wallpapered, fabric-covered, textured, or brick walls. With no tools required for hanging (just a bit of rubbing alcohol for prep), they are simple to install and remove cleanly, keeping walls fresh and undamaged. 

    Best Value: GLUIT Transparent Adhesive Hooks 

    This price-wise multi-pack includes 12 transparent sticky hooks that are virtually invisible on the wall.

    Why It Made The Cut: This value-pack boasts 12 sticky hooks with transparent backing and a pivoting steel hook for versatile applications. 


    • Hook Size: Small
    • Weight Capacity: 22 pounds
    • Material: Plastic and stainless steel
  • Transparent backing blends into the wall
  • Small size relative to weight capacity
  • Hook can pivot up and down for more versatile hanging
  • May damage painted walls
  • Impressive weight capacity
  • This affordable multi-pack from GLUIT has a dozen small sticky hooks, so you can hang lots of items, including keys, decorations, kitchen utensils, and more. Each hook is made of strong, rust-resistant stainless steel and features a transparent plastic backing that makes it almost invisible once installed. This clear backing is on the large side, measuring 2.36 by 2.36 inches, to boost the hook’s impressive weight capacity of 22 pounds. A pivot mount allows the hook to move up and down for more hanging options, including the ability to hang items from the ceiling. 

    The extra-sticky backing adheres well to tile, plastic, metal, wood, marble, and glass but is unsuitable for such finishes as wallpaper, stucco, and even some painted walls. Some users complain that the weight capacity doesn’t quite match the manufacturer’s claim and, moreover, that the size of the hook is a bit small for heavier items.

    Best Decorative: Fotyrig Stainless Steel Sticky Hooks

    Made from stainless steel and with a brushed silver finish, these contemporary hooks offer an elegant alternative to plastic.

    Why It Made The Cut: These strong sticky hooks are made of rust- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel to offer sturdy storage with a sleek look. 


    • Hook Size: Medium
    • Weight Capacity: 15 pounds
    • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Strong adhesive may damage drywall, painted, or wallpapered walls 
  • Attractive brushed silver finish 
  • Rust and corrosion resistant 
  • Made from sleek stainless steel and with a brushed silver finish, these Fotyrig sticky hooks resemble more permanent models yet won’t leave holes in the wall.  The sleek design and metallic finish are simply more stylish than plastic hooks, so they won’t detract from modern, contemporary, or transitional decor styles.  

    Each hook measures 1.77 by 1.77 inches and has an extended 1.38-inch deep hook with an upturned end. This size and shape is ideal for holding larger items, like jackets, towels, and bags up to 15 pounds without bending. Rust- and corrosion-resistant, the hooks can handle moist environments like the kitchen and bathroom.

    The easy-to-install sticky backing is suited for smooth surfaces like metal, glass, wood, and tile, but the manufacturer does not recommend use on painted walls, wallpaper, drywall, or textured surfaces. 

    Best Multi-Size Pack: Command General Purpose Variety Kit

    With this variety pack of hooks you can hang a host of items that weigh up to 16 pounds.

    Why It Made The Cut: This variety pack includes 14 sticky hooks and 10 picture hanging strips to hold and display items from 0.5 to 16 pounds. 


    • Hook Size: Assorted sizes
    • Weight Capacity: 0.5 - 16 pounds
    • Material: Plastic 
  • Wide variety of hooks and picture hanging strips 
  • No heavy-duty hook weight capacity
  • Versatile assortment of sizes 
  • Wide weight capacity range 
  • Hang stuff big and small with this variety pack from Command, which includes enough hooks and picture hanging strips to hold 19 items. Included are: six picture hanging strips, four large hanging strips, three small hooks, three medium hooks, two large hooks, and six small wire hooks. 

    Depending on size, the hooks have a weight capacity from 0.5 to five pounds, while the picture hanging strips hold from four to 16 pounds. This provides ample options for hanging everything from keys and decorations to heavier kitchen utensils and backpacks. The picture hanging strips allow you to put up cherished photos and artwork without wall damage. 

    The hooks are made from heavy-duty white plastic, except for the small wire hooks, which are metal. All boast the reliable, damage-free sticky backing that the Command brand is known for. 

    Best for Outdoor Use: Command Outdoor Large Hooks

    Hang decor and lighting to celebrate the holidays with these large and weather-resistant plastic hooks.

    Why It Made The Cut: These versatile outdoor sticky hooks can handle a range of weather conditions and temperatures without losing adhesion.


    • Hook Size: Large
    • Weight Capacity: Five pounds
    • Material: Plastic
  • Weather resistant
  • Not recommended for textured walls, brick, rough sawn wood, or fabric home siding
  • Tolerates temperatures from -20 degrees to 125 degrees F
  • Metallic bronze finish
  • Whether hanging holiday decorations and lighting or simply holding tools and accessories outdoors, these Command hooks can handle the job and look good doing it. The hardy hooks in this three-pack can tolerate moisture and sunshine without breaking in temperatures ranging from -20 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    Each large hook measures 4.125 by 1.5 inches with a 1.5-inch depth and holds up to five pounds. This size and capacity is suited for outdoor decorating or organizing jobs, such as hanging door wreaths and holiday lighting on the patio, or holding small tools and cleaning supplies in the shed. The sturdy plastic hooks even boast an attractive bronze finish

    Command recommends usage on smooth surfaces, including painted walls, varnished or composite wood walls, tile, and flat siding but not rough surfaces, such as textured walls, rough sawn wood or brick. 

    Things to Consider Before Buying Sticky Hooks

    Wall hooks can help organize a space, but installing them can be tricky and likely to damage the surface of your wall. Self-adhering sticky hooks are the ideal solution—but only if they’re reliable. To choose the right sticky hooks for your needs, consider size, weight capacity, style, wall type, and indoor versus outdoor usage. 

    Hook size: Sticky hooks range from mini to large, and each size is designed to hold different items. A slim hook, for example, will be less visible, so well suited for hanging lightweight decorations or string lights. For heavier items like a broom set or towels, a thicker hook is necessary to handle size and weight. Choose a sticky hook that has the right hook size and shape for your intended use. 

    Weight capacity: The weight capacity of a sticky hook can range from under a pound to 10 pounds or more, with most ranging between the one to eight pound range. Make sure to choose sticky hooks with an appropriate weight capacity and avoid overextending that limit or you’ll risk a failing hook or even wall damage. 

    Style: If using sticky hooks in your main living spaces, you may want them to be as attractive as possible. Fortunately, sticky hooks come in a range of materials and finishes beyond the typical white plastic. Some are made to look like standard wall hooks, bringing style without the wall damage. 

    Wall type: Sticky hooks are made for use on smooth surfaces, and almost all types will stick to non-textured tile, plastic, metal, vinyl, finished wood, or glass surfaces. Some gentler options will also work on painted walls or drywall. Most sticky hooks won’t work on delicate or textured surfaces, like wallpaper and textured walls. 

    Indoor versus outdoor: Most sticky hooks are designed for indoor use. Outdoor sticky hooks feature a water-resistant backing that helps them stay up, even under moist conditions, but they may not be able to adhere during rain or snow. 


    Q: How do you get sticky hooks to stick?

    Make sure to install the hook to a suitable surface and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Start with any prepping steps, then peel off the backing and install the hook, making sure to hold it firmly to the wall for the recommended time. Before hanging anything, wait the recommended time to ensure ideal adhesion. 

    Q: How strong are sticky hooks?

    Most sticky hooks advertise their recommended weight capacity. This weight limit will give you a good idea of the strength of your chosen hooks. 

    Q: How long do sticky hooks last?

    Quality sticky hooks should stay put for several years. 

    Q: How do you remove sticky hooks?

    Follow the manufacturer's directions when removing sticky hooks; many will recommend the best way to peel off the hook. Most sticky hooks have a tab that you pull on firmly and slowly to remove the hook.

    Final Thoughts

    When drawers, cabinets, and other traditional horizontal storage is in short supply, wall hooks allow you to hang the items you rely on daily. Unlike traditional hooks, which are typically screwed or nailed to the wall, sticky hooks have a strong adhesive backing that can nonetheless be removed without damaging the surface. This makes sticky hooks a great solution for temporary storage as well hanging as aesthetic items, like party decorations or holiday lights. These products come in a host of sizes, shapes, finishes, and weight capacity so you can really hang in there without remorse! 

    Command’s Medium Designer Hooks are a reliable pick that is great for most day-to-day hanging jobs. Made for indoor use, they have a sturdy plastic build and support up to three pounds, perfect for holding keys, dog leashes, small bags, and other odds and ends around the home.