Best iPhone Chargers of 2022
UPDATED February 25, 2022 07:31 PM

Best iPhone Chargers of 2022

Keep your iPhone powered up with these speedy and convenient iPhone chargers.

Best iPhone Charger
The Anker Powerline+ II Nylon Braided Cable is the best overall iPhone charger.
Anker Powerline+ II Nylon Braided Cable

Fast charging support, a durable nylon braided design, and a lifetime warranty make this charging cable a reliable and long-lasting choice.

Best iPhone Power Adapter
The Anker 32W 2 Port Charger is the best iPhone power adapter.
Anker 32-Watt 2 Port Charger

This adapter has a 20W USB-C port and a 12W USB-A port for charging flexibility.

Best Wireless Charger
The Belkin BoostCharge 10W Fast Wireless Charging Stand is the best wireless iPhone charger.
Belkin BoostCharge 10-Watt Fast Wireless Charging Stand

This wireless charger and phone stand combo makes it comfortable to use your phone while it’s charging.

Written By Jasmine Harding
Updated February 25, 2022 07:31 PM

The best iPhone chargers are fast, convenient, and reliable. For better or for worse, many of us are rarely more than an arm’s length away from our iPhones. We use them all throughout the day, for everything from checking emails and looking up directions to listening to music and streaming TV shows. All this activity sucks up a lot of battery power, so you’ll need a speedy way to recharge when your iPhone is running out of juice. 

Newer iPhones can be compatible with several charging options, including classic charging cables, wireless chargers, and MagSafe chargers. Different charger types offer different benefits, like ultrafast charging speeds or convenient wireless connections. Keep reading to learn more about iPhone charger types and to explore the best iPhone chargers for keeping your phone battery topped up and ready to go. 

How We Selected These Products 


The best iPhone chargers make charging your phone battery safe, convenient, and fast. We considered over 35 iPhone chargers to narrow down our top picks, judging each product on its quality, value, and charging speed. 


There are plenty of inexpensive knockoff chargers available, but we’d advise skipping these low-quality options. Considering how affordable and long-lasting high-quality certified chargers are, it’s worth spending the extra money on one of the best. 

We chose chargers from reputable brands that have earned their respect by creating durable and efficient charging products. These brands also carry safety and performance certifications and specs, such as MFi certification (which stands for Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad and means the product is approved by Apple) or Qi certification. 


The chargers on this list offer powerful charging at a reasonable price. We prioritized chargers with additional features, such as ultrafast charging capabilities or multidevice charging options, which add value for their cost. USB-C and wireless chargers also dominated our list, since these options are more future-proof. 


We’ve all been in this situation: you’re about to leave home and notice your phone is running at 15 percent battery. In these moments, it pays to have a fast iPhone charger. Higher wattage means faster charging speeds, so we chose options on the speedier side, ranging from 7.5 watts to 20 watts. 

The Best iPhone Chargers: Reviews & Recommendations

BEST IPHONE CHARGER OVERALL: Anker Powerline+ II Nylon Braided Cable

Tough and Fast
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This charging cable is fast and made to last; it supports fast charging and features a sturdy design that tolerates long-term use.

Why It Made The Cut: With an ultra-durable build and a lifetime warranty, this charging cable might be the last one you need to buy.


  • Wattage: N/A
  • Connection: USB-C
  • Dimensions: 6-foot length 


  • Supports fast charging 
  • Made with tough double-braided nylon 
  • Tested to withstand 30,000 bends
  • Lifetime warranty
  • MFi certified 


  • Cable only — does not include adapter 

While wireless chargers are convenient, it never hurts to have a charging cable on hand. Even when high-tech options are available, many iPhone users opt for classic charging cables for their affordability, fast charging speeds, and compact size. The Anker Powerline+ II Nylon Braided Cable is one of the best choices out there for wired charging. 

A common complaint about wired chargers is poor durability — through everyday use, charging cables can break and fray. The six-foot-long Anker Powerline+ II Cable features an ultra-durable design to put these complaints to rest. It’s tested to withstand 30,000 bends and lasts up to 30 times longer than other charging cables. In part, this durability is due to its double-braided nylon construction. Anker is so confident of this charger’s tough build that it offers a lifetime warranty. 

Besides being durable, this Lightning to USB-C cord also offers fast charging. It supports USB Power Delivery (USB PD), a protocol that allows for faster charging with USB-C connections. When paired with an 18-watt or higher adapter (not included), this MFi-certified cable can charge an iPhone 8 model or higher to 50 percent in only 30 minutes.  

BEST IPHONE POWER ADAPTER: Anker 32-Watt 2 Port Charger

Two Useful Ports
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This adapter features both a USB-A and a USB-C port so you can quickly charge old and new devices.

Why It Made The Cut: With a 12W USB-A port and a fast-charging-enabled 20-watt USB-C port, this adapter is a versatile and speedy choice for keeping iPhones powered up. 


  • Wattage: 32 watts (total)
  • Connection: USB-A and USB-C
  • Dimensions: 2.48 inches L x 2.44 inches W x 1.14 inches H


  • Includes both a USB-A and USB-C port
  • Fast-charging 20-watt USB-C port
  • Compact and lightweight 


  • Not powerful enough for charging laptops 

With the right adapter, wired charging is still the fastest option available for charging an iPhone. With a 20-watt USB-C port, the Anker 32-Watt 2 Port Charger supports fast charging. Its USB-C Power Delivery port can charge up to three times faster than the classic 5-watt adapter that comes with many iPhones, charging an iPhone 13 up to 50 percent in 25 minutes. 

Alongside the USB-C port, this adapter also features a PowerIQ USB-A port for charging other devices (or for if you have an older USB-A iPhone cable). The USB-A does not offer fast charging, but since it’s a 12-watt port, it’s still faster than a standard 5-watt Apple adapter. Both ports can be used simultaneously to charge up a couple of devices. 

While this adapter is on the pricier side, its dual ports offer more versatility than simpler adapters. It’s a compact and lightweight option, and the foldable plug makes it easy to tuck away or slide into a pocket or bag. 

BEST WIRELESS: Belkin BoostCharge 10-Watt Fast Wireless Charging Stand

This wireless phone charger can hold phones vertically or horizontally so you can comfortably continue using your phone while it charges.

Why It Made The Cut: This wireless charger doubles as a phone stand, so you can use your phone while your battery is topping up. 


  • Wattage: 10 watts
  • Connection: Wireless 
  • Dimensions: 3.9 inches L x 3.9 inches W x 4.3 inches H


  • Phone stand holds phones vertically or horizontally 
  • Sleek design 
  • Qi-certified wireless charger 


  • Not great for quick charging
  • Not compatible with iPhone 12 mini

Wireless chargers are a convenient choice; there’s no need to use two hands and fiddle with a cable to plug your phone in. The Belkin BoostCharge 10-Watt Fast Wireless Charging stand takes convenience a step further. This Qi-certified charger also doubles as a phone stand. The design can hold iPhones in either a landscape or portrait position, so users have easy access to calls, messages, apps, and video viewing while the phone is charging. 

The Belkin BoostCharge 10-Watt Charging Stand offers fast wireless charging up to 10 watts (although keep in mind that most iPhones support only up to 7.5-watt wireless charging rates). It’s compatible with most Qi-enabled devices, including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel. 

There’s no need to remove most cases to charge: this charger will work through most plastic, nonmetal cases up to three millimeters thick. To top it all off, the charger’s sleek and simple design looks nice on a desk or countertop. 

BEST MAGSAFE: Apple MagSafe Charger

Like other Apple products, the MagSafe Charger is sleek, easy to use, and reliable to charge phones with MagSafe and Qi charging.

Why It Made The Cut: Apple’s MagSafe charger offers optimized magnet alignment and is backward compatible, so you can ensure charging for a range of iPhones. 


  • Wattage: 15 watts
  • Connection: Wireless and MagSafe 
  • Dimensions: 3.24 inches L x 3.24 inches W x 0.72 inches H


  • Faster wireless charging speeds
  • Optimized magnet alignment 
  • Compatible with Qi charging 


  • Pricey
  • Does not include power adapter 

Wireless charging is convenient but comes with a few caveats; it’s relatively slow, and the phone needs to be lined up properly on the charger for optimal charging. MagSafe chargers improve on both these issues, offering faster wireless charging (with compatible iPhones) and magnet alignment. Since it comes from the brand itself, Apple’s MagSafe charger provides optimal magnet alignment for compatible iPhones. 

The charger can attach to iPhones with MagSafe (iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro) to ensure proper placement and deliver faster wireless charging up to 15 watts — faster than Qi-certified wireless chargers. For iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini models, the charger provides up to 12 watts of power delivery, which is still significantly faster than the 7.5-watt limit for standard wireless iPhone charging. 

Although this charger is made for phones with MagSafe, it’s also backward compatible to work with phones with Qi charging. It can’t snap onto these older phones or reach 15-watt charging speeds, but it will still charge iPhone 8 models and later, as well as AirPods with a wireless charging case. 

Like other Apple products, the MagSafe charger has a simple and clean design. To some shoppers’ frustration, like other Apple products, this MagSafe charger doesn’t come with the necessary 20-watt or greater USB-C power adapter, so you’ll need to buy the adapter separately or use one you already have on hand. 

BEST CHARGING STATION: Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

3-in-1 Charging
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A sleek look and ultraconvenient 3-in-1 design charges an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods in one device to reduce charger clutter.

Why It Made The Cut: This MagSafe wireless charger is a sleek and compact choice that charges an iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods, all at the same time. 


  • Wattage: 15 watts (phone charger) 
  • Connection: MagSafe
  • Dimensions: 5.38 inches L x 6.49 inches W x 5.45 inches H


  • 3-in-1 wireless MagSafe charger
  • Fast wireless charging speeds
  • Charges phone in any orientation
  • Modern design 


  • Phone charger is compatible only with iPhones with MagSafe

For those with multiple Apple products, the array of chargers can make a space feel messy and cluttered. If you have a new iPhone, an Apple Watch, and AirPods, the Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger is an all-in-one charging solution that simplifies the charging experience. 

This MagSafe charger features three wireless charging ports: one arm for an iPhone with MagSafe, one arm for an Apple Watch, and a base charger for AirPods. The MagSafe charger delivers up to 15-watt charging speeds to iPhone 12 and later models. 

The stand can hold the phone in any orientation and displays it at an angle that allows for easy viewing while charging. This setup gives the appearance of the phone floating in place, which doesn’t add much in terms of utility but looks interesting. The two arms also contribute to a smaller footprint, with a base that takes up little space. 

These features are all packed in an easy-to-use and attractive product that looks great on a nightstand or desk. For those without an Apple Watch, Belkin also offers a similar 2-in-1 MagSafe charging stand for charging an iPhone and AirPods. 

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best iPhone Chargers

There are several features to consider when choosing an iPhone charger, including the charger type, speed, and additional convenient functions. 

Wired vs. Wireless

iPhone chargers come in wired and wireless options, and the best iPhone charger type depends on your phone type and your preferences. Wired iPhone chargers are budget-friendly and straightforward: just plug in the cable and start charging. They are usually faster than equivalent wireless chargers, and a charging cable and adapter is easier to bring on the go than a wireless charging pad. 

Charging cables and adapters can have either USB-A or USB-C connectivity. Consider going for USB-C chargers; these options are more future-proof. 

Wireless iPhone chargers are practical and convenient. Compatible with iPhone 8 models and later, they allow you to charge your phone without fiddling with a cable. Wireless charging tends to be slower than wired charging, however.

Qi and MagSafe

When it comes to wireless charging for iPhones, there are two main options: Qi and MagSafe.

iPhone 8 models and later have wireless charging. There’s a wide range of wireless chargers available, but chargers that use the Qi standard dominate the consumer market. The Qi charging system is a wireless charging standard developed and maintained by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). Qi-certified chargers are tested and approved by the WPC for safe and effective charging. It’s worth looking for a Qi-certified wireless charger; this certification offers more assurance that the charger won’t overheat or cause damage to your expensive device. 

MagSafe iPhone chargers are also wireless chargers, but with the addition of a ring of magnets. The magnets align the phone and the charger for optimal placement. MagSafe chargers offer faster and more efficient charging, but so far they’re compatible only with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models (and likely future models). 


Speed is another factor to consider for both wired and wireless chargers. Previously, most iPhones came with a 5-watt (5W) charging adapter. These 5W adapters may be fine for overnight charging, but they do not support fast charging. For fast charging, look for an 18-watt or higher charger. A higher wattage means compatible iPhones can charge faster — many recent generations can reach wired charging speeds up to 20 watts, so a better adapter can make a big difference. 

Wireless chargers have a slower charging potential than wired chargers. Many wireless chargers can deliver 5 watts or 7.5 watts to an iPhone. MagSafe chargers can be faster than standard wireless chargers, delivering up to 15 watts. 


There are several additional convenient functions to look for when shopping for an iPhone charger, depending on your needs. Consider how you use your charger, and keep features like cable length, charger size, and portability in mind. 

Design features and charger configuration (wireless chargers come in lay-flat and stand options) can make a charger look more sleek, which may be important if the charger sits on your desk or bedside table. A multidevice charger is useful if you have other Apple devices, like an Apple Watch or AirPods. 


Q: What iPhone charger is best? 

A charging cable and adapter is a classic choice that works well for most people. They’re affordable and a must-have around the home or for traveling, even just as a backup for guests or if a wireless charger breaks. With a very durable design, the Anker Powerline+ II Nylon Braided Cable is a long-lasting choice and is the best option to have on hand for many iPhone users. 

Q: Is it OK to use cheap iPhone chargers?

Buying a cheap iPhone charger is tempting, but it’s best to skip the no-name chargers. Instead, opt for chargers from reputable brands and look for products that are approved by Apple (like MFi- and Qi-certified products). These products have been tested and approved for safe charging, which means they won’t cause damage to your device like some cheap chargers can. 

Q: How do I choose an iPhone charger?

Start with your iPhone generation to narrow down your options. Next, consider your intended use, preferred charging speed, and budget. If you frequently charge on the go, need the fastest option, or are on a tight budget, a wired charging cable is likely the best choice. If you want a high-tech and convenient setup at home, consider a wireless charging station. 

Final Thoughts

The Anker Powerline+ II Nylon Braided Cable is a durable choice that improves on a classic charging cable design, with a nylon braided cable that withstands up to 30,000 bends. Its affordability, longevity, and ease of use makes it the best iPhone charger on our list.