Best Gifts for Moms That She’ll Love in 2022
UPDATED February 1, 2022 09:08 AM

Best Gifts for Moms That She’ll Love in 2022

Pamper Mom with these fun, cozy, and luxurious gifts.

Best Luxury Gift for Mom
The Kate Spade New York Sunglasses are the best luxury gift for mom.
Kate Spade New York Sunglasses

Give Mom the gift of glam with these fun and flirty shades.

Best Cozy Gift for Mom
The Ugg Whitecap Oversized Throw Blanket is the best cozy gift for mom.
UGG Whitecap Oversized Throw Blanket

Homebody moms will be happy to snuggle up with this lamb-soft blanket.

Best Tech Gift for Mom
Apple AirPod Pros are the best tech gift for moms.
Apple AirPod Pros

Moms who listen to music and podcasts on the go will get great use out of a new pair of AirPods.

Written By Kristen Mulrooney
Updated February 1, 2022 09:08 AM

No matter the occasion, finding the best gifts for moms is of the utmost importance. After all, everyone knows all the moms are out there who are running the world, and the past two years have been especially trying. What better way to thank your mom, or any of the moms in your life, than to give them a gift that'll help them kick back, relax, and focus on themselves? 

Give Mom one of these gifts for any occasion — a birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or just because you love them and they deserve it. Whether they're a reader, tech lover, caffeine fiend, or if they really, really love wine, you'll find something to cater to them on this list of the best gifts for moms. 

How We Selected The Best Gifts for Mom 


I have three young kids, so I've been deeply immersed in that #momlife for nearly a decade. After years of playgroups and storytimes, most of my social circle are parents too, so I have a good sense of what mothers want. Sure, moms have different personalities with all sorts of interests, but most of us want the same thing in a gift: something just for us that we don't have to share! We love a gift that makes our life easier, more comfortable, or if we're lucky, more luxurious. Being a mom requires a lot of work and self-sacrifice, so these are gifts to be enjoyed. 

Many of these gift ideas are items I already own. Others are on my wish list because friends say I have to try them. All of them have a stamp of approval from a seasoned mom! Here are my picks for the best gifts for moms.

The Best Gifts for Mom: Reviews & Recommendations

Best Cozy Gift for Mom: UGG Whitecap Oversized Throw Blanket

Best Cozy Gift for Mom
Plush and Sumptuous
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Let Mom snuggle into this oversized throw at the end of a long day.

Why It Made The Cut: This soft polyester throw comes in a variety of colors, making it a cozy addition that can suit just about any decorating style.

If Mom is looking for the gift of comfort, the UGG Whitecap blanket is the perfect present. When you think UGG you probably think of their lamb-soft boots, and this blanket is every bit as warm, soft, and cozy as the shoes. It's big, measuring 50 inches by 70 inches, so it should cover Mom from head to toe while she’s lying on the couch reading her favorite book or binge-ing a new Netflix series. No need to take any extra precautions when washing, which is great for moms who don't have time for complicated laundry — simply toss it in the machine with the rest of the wash. The blanket comes in a variety of soothing, muted colors that can mix and match with other blankets and pillows from the UGG collection, if you really want to spoil Mom. 

Best Gift to Pamper Mom: Burt's Bees Gift Set

Best Gift to Pamper Mom
Simple Self-Care
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A gift set that’s perfect for polishing and pampering.

Why It Made The Cut: In addition to including everything Mom needs for an at-home mani-pedi, the products in this gift set are made with natural ingredients, meaning they won’t irritate the skin.

Self-care is important, and this gift set from Burt's Bees lets Mom take extra care of herself from the comfort of home. It's not always easy to find time for a mani-pedi or a spa treatment, but this set offers all the tried and true classic Burt's Bees products needed to heal and moisturize skin at home. It includes foot and hand creams, lip balm, hand salve, and an herbal ointment that soothes minor cracks and cuts. Burt's Bees uses all-natural ingredients in their products, so this gift set is free of parabens and other fillers. As an added bonus, the packaging on these little potions is pretty cute, making it irresistible for Mom to practice some much-needed self-care! 

Best Gift For Moms Who Love to Read: Frog and Toad Are Doing Their Best

Best Gift For Moms Who Love to Read
Heartwarming Laughter
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A funny book that leaves the reader feeling better about the world.

Why It Made The Cut: This parody of the classic Frog and Toad stories is a funny and nostalgic easy read.

This past holiday season was an easy one for me because I already knew the perfect gift to give just about anyone I know: Frog and Toad Are Doing Their Best is a parody of the old Frog and Toad books by Arnold Lobel. In this book, author Jennie Egerdie places the famous amphibian friends in modern-day situations, and they navigate the not-so-simple world with their simple Frog-and-Toad love and generosity. The book's short vignettes are easy to read, either all the way through or in stolen snippets throughout the day, and they oscillate between endearingly sweet and laugh-out-loud funny. This the best gift for a book-loving mom on any occasion. 

Best Gift for Moms Who Love Coffee: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Best Gift for Moms Who Love Coffee
A Hot Brew, All Morning
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This smart mug controls your coffee's temperature so it's piping hot ‘til the last drop.

Why It Made The Cut: A kitschy or cute mug is a good gift, but a practical mug that will keep Mom’s warm beverage of choice piping hot all morning long is a great gift.

Every Mom I know has the same morning routine: Pour a cup of coffee, take one perfect hot sip, experience a huge interruption from the kids, eventually return to a cold and unsatisfying brew. Throughout the day, we microwave that same cup over and over again, always coming back to a cold mug of java. The Ember Smart Mug solves that problem. Coffee drinkers control this stainless steel mug's temp with their smartphone so it's always the perfect temperature. It runs on just one hour of battery life, but you have the option to keep it plugged into the charging coaster. If it takes hours to finish a cup of coffee, keeping it plugged into the charging coaster keeps it hot all day long. The Ember is expensive for a coffee mug, so it's the perfect gift for a busy mom who wouldn't usually indulge in one herself. Read a full review of the Ember mug.

Best Luxury Gift for Mom: Kate Spade New York Sunglasses

Best Luxury Gift for Mom
Fun and Feminine
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Fashionable and functional, these designer sunglasses give Mom’s look a touch of glam.

Why It Made The Cut: When Mom's feeling like, well, a mom, these cute Kate Spade shades will give her a fun and feminine boost that'll make her feel like a star. 

Moms might not always have time to put the finishing touches on their hair and makeup — or quite frankly, to even finish getting dressed past yoga pants and a hoodie. But having one nice luxury item is sometimes all it takes to feel polished and put together. The Kate Spade brand is high quality, and the pieces tend to be lots of fun with colorful, feminine patterns and designs. These Kate Spade New York sunglasses with polarized lenses are black with a pop of pretty pink around the edges. They're shaped to sit comfortably and securely on the face — perfect for a mom who's running around after the kids. The purchase includes a high-quality case to keep the shades in tip-top shape.

Best Helpful Gift for New Moms: MUSH Ready to Eat Oats

Best Helpful Gift for New Moms
Simple and Delicious
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An easy breakfast makes tired, difficult mornings brighter.

Why It Made The Cut: New moms need plenty of nutrients to keep their bodies — and their babies — healthy, and these delicious, dairy-free, plant-based oats give busy and exhausted new moms a super-simple way to fuel up.

Shopping for a newborn baby is always a ton of fun, but remember the new mama could use a gift too! In retrospect, the best gift I could have received in those first few weeks with a newborn was MUSH Ready to Eat Oats. I recently discovered them and they're a new favorite. Sweet, delicious, and filling, these cool, creamy oats are a healthy way to start the day. Between feeding, diapers, rocking, and soothing, it's not easy for a new mother to find something nutritious to eat in the morning, but MUSH Oats are ready to eat, right away. This pack comes in six different flavors and is shipped in a refrigerated package to keep them chilled until delivery. 

Best Gift for Moms Who Love Wine: PortoVino Wine Purse

Best Gift for Moms Who Love Wine
Functional and Full of Wine
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This stylish purse discreetly carries two bottles of a favorite wine.

Why It Made The Cut: Although it’s marketed as a cheeky way to transport wine, this stylish vegan leather purse can carry whatever Mom’s drink of choice is, hot or cold.

Moms work hard, so they need a chance to cut loose too! What better way to let her hair down than to share a bottle of wine with friends? And what better way to share a bottle of wine with friends than to dispense it straight from a sleek, stylish purse? This bag from PortoVino is made from a structured vegan leather and roomy enough to hold all the usual purse equipment, plus 1.5 liters of wine to be dispensed out of hidden spigots. This might initially seem like a gag gift, but it's actually terrific and useful. The beverage bag holds any liquid, hot or cold, so it's versatile enough for any BYOB or dry event. Wine-loving moms can use the bag to transport drinks to picnics, barbecues, or book club meetings. Complete the gift with a couple of portable wine glasses

Best Tech Gift for Moms: Apple AirPod Pros

Best Tech Gift for Moms
Effortless Audio
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These headphones are a great gift for moms who love music and podcasts.

Why It Made The Cut: The noise-canceling technology of Apple AirPods make them a great gift for multitasking moms who need to block out distractions.

Moms are often multitasking and they don't have a ton of time to read or zone out to music or their favorite podcast. With Apple AirPod Pros, they can listen to an audiobook, music, or a podcast while checking off other items on their to-do list. The Pros are slightly more expensive than regular AirPods, but the higher audio quality and the addition of noise cancellation technology makes the extra cost worth it — especially for a mom who might need to block out the noise of a house full of little ones. These sleek AirPods offer up to 24 hours of listening time per charge with the MagSafe charging case. Going for a run or cooking dinner is a lot more fun when Mom has her favorite song in her ear.

Best Gift for Moms Who Love to Cook: Personalized Recipe Cutting Board

Best Gift for Moms Who Love to Cook
For the Sentimental Chef
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This personalized cutting board is a special addition to a mom's cozy kitchen.

Why It Made the Cut: Adding the personal touch of a family recipe takes this cutting board from a practical kitchen staple to a sentimental family heirloom.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and food is a way to foster togetherness and family time. As a gorgeous, sentimental gift for mom, consider this cutting board engraved with a personalized family recipe. Upload a photo of a handwritten family recipe and the artist laser engraves it into the bamboo. Use an old family recipe that's been passed down or or a favorite recipe Mom makes for the kids. In the age of scrolling through recipes on the internet, this gift is a reminder of simpler things. Plus, it's a great way to preserve a handwritten recipe and pass it down to family.

Best Jewelry for Mom: Swarovski Pendant Necklace

Best Jewelry for Mom
Special and Elegant
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Classic and minimalistic, this delicate crystal pendant complements a variety of personal styles.

Why It Made The Cut: This pendant necklace walks the line between elegant and fuss-free, making it the perfect addition to a busy mom's wardrobe. 

I don't know many moms who would ever say no to a stunning piece of jewelry. This necklace from Swarovski showcases one of their timeless signature crystal pendants. The minimalist design is easy to style with any outfit. Mom can pair the necklace with a dress for a fancier event, but it won't look out of place with jeans and a tee. The delicate chain and brilliant crystal add a touch of elegance to any look. Gifting this elegant piece of jewelry will brighten up any special occasion or holiday. Best of all, it's a gift you can keep on giving — how about a matching pair of earrings for the next holiday?

Final Thoughts

Nobody works harder than mothers, so the best gifts for moms are the ones that let them know they're appreciated — and it doesn't hurt if they get a little extravagance, either! Any of the gifts on this list will make mom feel loved and cared for, some with comfort and practicality, and some with a little bit of much-needed luxury. Get the mom in your life one of these gifts to let her know she is appreciated and deserves the best.