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Published Sep. 22, 2021

Flip flops are an essential part of warm weather. While they are casual in nature, that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish and offer the maximum amount of comfort and support. The best flip flops for women are fashionable and versatile enough so that they can be worn to the beach, on a coffee run, or out for happy hour to watch the sunset.

Whether you’re looking for flip flops with slight arch support or ones that use special comfort technology for the most-cushioned footbed, there’s no shortage of women’s flip flops available. So make room in your closet because there’s one more pair of shoes you still need. 

How We Picked the Products


In order to select the best flip flops for women, we compared about ten brands and twelve styles to ultimately choose the best. Since flip flops are a summer staple whether you’re going to the beach, running errands, or heading to a BBQ, we took a number of factors into consideration, such as comfort, style, and colors offered. Comfort was No.1 on our list because flip flops with no support can actually do more damage than good when worn daily. We looked for flip flops that had proper arch support and anatomical support, a comfortable footbed, and traction on the outsoles to avoid any slipping and sliding. 

Next, we looked for versatile styles and colorways. We wanted to select flip flops that could be worn to places other than the beach or pool. Since each of us has our own style preferences and favorite colors, we recommended flip flops in a variety of colors and prints.

The Best Flip Flops for Women: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall Flip Flops For Women: Birkenstock Unisex Honolulu EVA Sandal

Best Overall Flip Flops For Women

Birkenstock is known for its comfortable, well-designed sandals, and these EVA rubber sandals are no exception. Birkenstock

Why It Made The Cut: The Birkenstock Unisex Honolulu EVA sandal is modeled after the cork sandals, maintaining the well-known anatomical shape, but this version is waterproof and made from a single piece of EVA.  


  • Materials: EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)
  • Colors: White, black, anthracite, zinnia, watermelon, copper, navy, purple fog, silver, beet purple
  • Waterproof: Yes 


  • Anatomically shaped
  • Waterproof and washable 
  • Multiple color options


  • Runs narrow

Flips flops aren’t generally known for providing great support, but the Birkenstock Unisex Honolulu EVA sandal is anatomically shaped, which means the footbed is adapted to the natural shape of the foot. These sandals have more toe space, which allows your toes to move naturally promoting better balance and foot alignment. While the raised toe bar encourages a natural gripping motion of your foot, works out your legs, and stimulates circulation, the contoured footbed features four arches that promote even weight distribution and proper posture. Lastly, the deep heel cup maintains natural cushioning right under the heel bone. 

These sandals are made from EVA, also known as ethylene vinyl acetate. The polymer is high quality, super-light, flexible, and has great cushioning. As you walk, it works as a barrier against debris on the ground and provides cushioning with every step. Offered in 10 colors, there is an option for everyone. These sandals are versatile enough to wear during errands or to the beach as they’re waterproof. They may run narrow so it’s a good idea to try on your normal size and a size up. 

Best Value Flip Flops for Women: Crocs Women’s Kadee II Flip Flops

Best Value Flip Flops for Women

The Crocs Women’s Kadee II Flip Flops are casual, affordable sandals that offer the well-known comfort the original Crocs line is known for. Crocs

Why It Made The Cut: The Crocs Women’s Kadee II Flip Flops are light, sleek, have slim straps, and the same famed Croslite foam cushion as the original Crocs closed-toe shoes.  


  • Materials: Rubber upper, EVA sole
  • Colors: Black, navy, white, lavender, ice blue, bronze, prep blue, paradise pink 
  • Waterproof: Water-friendly  


  • Affordable price point
  • Uses Croslite foam cushion 
  • Water-friendly 


  • Not true to size

If you love the comfort of Crocs but want a flip flop version that’s perfect for the beach, then look no further. The Crocs Women’s Kadee II Flip Flops will keep you and your feet happy. With soles made of ethylene vinyl acetate, these flip flops are super lightweight and water-friendly. Similar to the original Crocs, these flip flops use the iconic Croslite foam, which is a closed-cell resin that forms to the wearer’s feet. However, the company does suggest drying your flip flops in a cool, dry place to avoid any shrinkage or warping. Additionally, the slim straps and soft TPU toe post are designed to create all-around comfort. 

Available in eight colors, there is a hue to match all of your summer looks. The grips in the footbeds prevent slipping while walking for both comfort and safety. The company recommends ordering a size up to the next largest whole size.

Best Fashion Flip Flops for Women: FitFlop Women’s Surfa Flip Flop

Best Fashion Flip Flops for Women

The FitFlop Women’s Surfa Flip Flop is a comfortable, fashionable sandal with a slight platform.

Why It Made The Cut: FitFlop Women’s Surfa Flip Flops are versatile enough to wear to the beach, while running errands, or going to a bar and are designed with comfort technology. 


  • Materials: Textile or leather upper, slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Colors: Black, midnight navy mix, pale blue, royal blue mix, soft pink, sea blue, light tan leather, all-black leather, chocolate brown 
  • Waterproof: Water-friendly 


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Uses microwobbleboard technology
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole


  • Pricey 

The FitFlop Women’s Surfa Flip Flops come in either a textile or leather upper, so you can decide how fancy you want to get. Whether you’re putting together your outfit for the beach, a coffee run or happy hour, you can trust that your feet will be comfortable. These flip flops use Microwobbleboard Comfort Technology, which is FitFlop’s super cushioning they use in their classic styles. Microwobbleboard midsoles are anatomically designed for pressure diffusion and are divided into three levels of targeted cushioning for all-day wear. At the toe, you’ll find medium cushioning to help you push-off to take the next step. Soft cushioning in the middle encourages your foot to spread to maximize comfort. At the heel, there is firm cushioning to help reduce impact. Essentially, the underfoot platform, albeit fashionable, is meant to absorb shock and diffuse underfoot pressure by increasing the contact area of the foot to the midsole. 

While these flip flops have a higher price point than most other flip flops, your feet (and your stylish outfits) will thank you for this purchase.

Best Comfort Flip Flops for Women: OOFOS OOlala Sandal

Best Comfort Flip Flops for Women

The OOFOS OOlala Sandal features the patented foam technology and footbed. OOFOS

Why It Made The Cut: Research shows that OOFOS sandals reduce load, decrease compressive forces, and support foot mobility when compared to more traditional footwear. 


  • Materials: Synthetic
  • Colors: Black, black/blush, black/latte, navy, white, slate, black/calypso, atlantis, black/purple, black/white, geo black/white, lemon, metallic mint
  • Waterproof: Water-friendly


  • Uses OOfoam technology and a patented footbed
  • Available in multiple colors and prints
  • Designed for recovery 


  • Expensive

The OOFOS OOlala sandals are made with OOfoam technology, which absorbs 37 percent more impact than traditional footwear foam materials to reduce stress on your feet and joints. Specifically, it enables a more natural walking motion and cradles your arches. Additionally, the patented footbed cradles and supports your foot’s natural arch to reduce impact on your ankles, knees, and other joints. This makes walking easier and recovery quicker. Reviewers say wearing these flip flops is like walking on clouds, marshmallows, and pillows. 

Offered in multiple colors and patterns, you have your fair share of options to choose from. The company suggests consulting with the size chart to find your perfect fit and if you wear a half size to size up to a full size. These flip flops are machine washable and designed to minimize odor. While the cost for a pair can seem like a lot, keep in mind that these flip flops are designed with special technology to keep your feet in good shape. 

Best Beachy Flip Flops for Women: Reef Women’s Sandy Flip Flops

Best Beachy Flip Flops for Women

The Reef Women’s Sandy Flip Flops are water-friendly and super durable with a combination fabric upper. Reef

Why It Made The Cut: REEF products are all about encouraging people to embrace the spirit of the beach. The brand does this through designing fun, versatile and most importantly, comfortable sandals. 


  • Materials: Woven polyester upper, EVA sole
  • Colors: Black, tan, black/silver/pink, black/blue/metallic, black/aqua/silver, brown, brown/light pink, brown/pink/purple
  • Water-friendly 


  • Triple-density EVA foam construction 
  • Full-width soft polyester strap
  • Available in multiple color combinations


  • Not true to size

For days spent at the beach or on the lake, REEF Women’s Sandy Flip Flops will not disappoint when it comes to style and comfort. These flip flops were constructed with full-width woven polyester straps that softly embrace your foot. The triple-density, soft EVA foam footbed, anatomical arch support, and slight platform provide support and comfort as well. 

REEF is inspired by water and the beach, and the outsoles on these flip flops have multidirectional traction so you can wear your sandals comfortably in and around water. Offered in multiple colors and colorways that give off beachy vibes, there’s sure to be an option for everyone living their best summer lives. Check out the size chart to find your perfect fit as reviews say these flip flops tend to run small. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Flip Flops


When narrowing down which flip flops to purchase, consider how you want to wear them. In general, they should be comfortable and provide some sort of support for your feet. If you’re looking for a casual beach flip flop, you might not need a pair that utilizes special technology for the footbed. However, if you struggle with foot and joint pain and are looking for a pair of flip flops to wear comfortably around the house, it might be a good idea to find a pair that absorbs shock and reduces stress from your joints as you take each step.


Flip flops are pretty synonymous with water-related activities like going to the beach and hanging by the pool. If this is why you want a pair, you probably don’t want them to get ruined anytime they get wet. To avoid any water damage, look for a pair that’s water-friendly and read any instructions about drying your flip flops.


Basic flip flops will cost less than the more intricate styles. If you’re on a budget, you can certainly find a pair that has some sort of arch support that will be durable wear after wear. If you would like a pair that is designed with special technology to support your feet and joints as you walk, be prepared to spend a little extra.


Q: Are cheap flip flops bad for your feet?

While price is not always directly connected to the quality of the flip flop, typically cheaper flip flops don’t offer the best support for your feet. Instead, consider flip flops with arch support as well as ones that use quality materials to avoid any rubbing or blistering.

Q: What’s the most comfortable flip flop?

There are many great brands that make quality flip flops like Birkenstock or FitFlop. The most comfortable flip flops will have good arch support and a comfortable footbed. It’s a good idea to try on flip flops before you purchase them because you want to make sure the arch works for your foot. If it’s too high, it could be uncomfortable while too low of an arch could lead to discomfort and a plethora of foot, knee, hip and back issues down the road.

Q: Is it bad to wear flip flops everyday?

Unless your flip flops have good arch support, it’s better not to wear them everyday. Thinner flip flops have been linked to plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of tissue on the bottom of your feet. Additionally, wearing shoes with little to no support can lead to an overuse of tendons and muscles in your feet, back, ankles, hips, and knees.

Final Thoughts

Choosing flip flops is a personal choice. Once you decide what the most important factors are, whether that’s comfort, style, color, or support, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down the best pair for you. The best flip flops for women will be comfortable, provide support for your feet, and will be aligned with your style preferences.