Best Amethyst Jewelry for Any Occasion
UPDATED September 10, 2021 04:19 PM

Best Amethyst Jewelry for Any Occasion

Ancient Greeks, monks, royals and more vouch for the value of the semi precious purple gemstone.

Best value
The Handmade Russian Amethyst Bracelet is the best value.
Handmade Russian Amethyst Bracelet

This valuable stone, strung on a durable bracelet for spiritual practices, can be had for a song!

Best overall
The Leaf Leverback Dangle Earrings are the best amethyst jewelry overall.
Leaf Leverback Dangle Earrings

A medium-tone stone in a sterling silver setting for earrings that lend subtle shimmer.

Best design
The Butterfly Crystal Necklace has the best amethyst jewelry design.
Butterfly Crystal Necklace

This creative cut showcases the February birthstone and highlights its brilliance.

Written By Andie Kanaras
Updated September 10, 2021 04:19 PM

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but amethysts are a woman’s best-kept secret. A semiprecious, fully striking stone often used for jewelry, amethyst is the purple variety of quartz. The color comes from crystal lattice infections caused by irradiation, iron impurities, and trace elements. On some pieces, the purple hue can have hints of red or blue, while overexposure to light and heat can cause yellow, orange, or brown discoloration. 

Amethyst, the February birthstone, has a storied past that mirrors its rich color. The word is rooted in the Alexandrian Greek amethystos, which means “not intoxicated,” and ancient Greeks, believing the gem could prevent drunkenness, would adorn their drinking vessels with it. Other Europeans wore amethyst amulets into battle for their supposed healing powers. 

Until fairly recent times, amethyst was considered to be a Cardinal gem, with British royals and Anglican bishops frequently wearing amethyst, which was deemed precious and rare. Then, in the early 19th century, miners discovered large deposits of amethyst in Brazil and the gemstone is categorized today as semiprecious. 

Amethyst jewelry retains its spiritual association. Tibetan monks make prayer beads with it, believing the gem to be sacred to Buddha. Others wear amethyst to embrace the stone’s purported healing and clarifying power. Thanks to its lower price point, jewelers can create quality amethyst pieces for any occasion. Keep reading to learn what to look for when shopping for amethyst jewelry and see our picks for stunning pieces that may suit your particular purple passion.

How We Picked These Pieces

People wear amethyst jewelry for a variety of reasons and occasions, so the items described here were selected based on purpose, quality and price. Jewelers’ expertise was considered, in addition to extensive research across online resources and reviews, to find the ideal mix of color, durability and versatility.


Before embarking on our search for the best amethyst jewelry, I consulted multiple guides and reports by jewelers and gemologists for professional insights. I then considered more than 50 pieces of amethyst jewelry online, evaluating each product’s provided information, reviews, and appearance. I utilized my two-plus years of experience reviewing products to assess each amethyst piece’s overall value. Additionally, as a jewelry maker of over a year, I took into account the following aspects, which I find most important when evaluating designs and settings.

  • Color: An amethyst’s rich purple color is paramount. I searched for standout colors in addition to each piece’s cut and clarity.
  • Purpose: Some amethyst jewelry is worn purely for adornment while other pieces may be chosen for spiritual practices. I kept versatility in mind as I evaluated rings, bracelets and necklaces so that different people could find the perfect piece for their desired use.
  • Durability: Amethyst jewelry can be fragile, depending on its quality and the user’s care. To stave off damage, I prioritized high-quality features, from the gemstone itself to the design of the piece.
  • Value: While you can find quality amethyst jewelry at a reasonable price, it can be difficult to determine what a piece is actually worth. I considered jewelers' and gemologists' expertise to ascertain the value of each piece.

The Best Amethyst Jewelry: Reviews & Recommendations

Best Value: Handmade Russian Amethyst Bracelet

This hand-crafted bracelet features a deep-purple amethyst from Russia and is perfect for everyday use.

Why It Made the Cut: This beautiful bracelet features a high-quality, jeweler-approved amethyst and other semiprecious stones at a reasonable price.


  • 12mm Russian amethyst stone
  • 6mm hematite stones
  • 7-inch circumference
  • High-endurance elastic band
  • Russian amethyst stone   
  •  Strung on an elastic band
  • Includes additional semiprecious stones 
  • Agate stones are of lesser quality  
  • Quality tested for durability 
  • Darker amethyst has less brilliance
  • Handmade in Oregon
  • Jewelers and gemologists typically agree that Russia (especially Siberia) is a superior source of quality deep-purple amethysts, such as the centerpiece of this Sky Spirit Jewelry bracelet. Though the stone’s dark color is lovely, it does lack some of the brilliance that a lighter gem would have. The amethyst stands out against the smaller hematite, lapis lazuli, and agate stones that surround it.

    The well-designed, handmade bracelet makes a casually elegant fashion statement sure to suit a variety of lifestyles and occasions. It can also be worn for spiritual purposes, as the various stones purport to provide balance, clarity and strength. While some people may object to the elastic band, it has been quality-tested for durability and its flexibility is particularly suitable for those who intend to wear the bracelet during such activities as yoga. Sturdy, striking, and a steal at this price!

    Best Overall: Leaf Leverback Dangle Earrings

    These amethyst earrings have a vintage look and make a great gift.

    Why It Made the Cut: Silvershake’s dangle earrings marry a whimsical style with quality craftsmanship to earn top honors.


    • 4.66-carat amethyst
    • 1.65 inches long
    • Leverback closure
  • Sterling silver 
  •  Lighter color
  • Natural stone
  • Lightweight
  • The intricate and delicate design of these Silvershake earrings make them a standout choice on appearance alone, but the quality craftsmanship earns them big bonus points. While the amethyst stones are a medium color, the sterling silver V-prong setting reflects and refracts light, creating a notable shimmer.

    The style nods at antique designs without being fussy, and the earrings are lightweight enough to wear all day at work and out to dinner afterwards. Going dancing? The leverback closure adds additional security. Whether you’re seeking a subtle statement piece for yourself or a present for a friend, these dangling amethyst earrings (which come in a gift box with a satiny pouch to stave off tarnish) are likely to garner loads of compliments.

    Best Amethyst Jewelry Design: Butterfly Crystal Necklace

    The Butterfly Crystal Necklace is unique yet universally appealing.

    Why It Made the Cut: Gemmance’s Butterfly Crystal Necklace boasts a dynamic shape, cut, and frame so unique it was a clear winner for best design.


    • 20-inch chain length
    • 0.98 inch x 0.83 inch stone
    • Lobster clasp
  • Very good cut      
  •  Synthetic stone
  • Picks up a lot of light
  • Singular design 
  • Rhodium plating
  • The captivating Butterfly Crystal Necklace is both unique in design and universal in appeal, so likely to charm just about anyone who admires the beauty of butterflies. The stone’s cut attracts ample light from every angle, and it’s set in a frame of overlaid crystal AB zirconia, which draws the eye and highlights the butterfly even more. 

    Pretty as the pendant is, the stone is synthetic and has a pinkish tone, making its actual monetary value quite low. At this budget-friendly price, the Gemmance necklace might be the perfect present for an Aquarius or Pisces, especially a younger person who is just beginning to appreciate jewelry. The rhodium-plated brass frame is resistant to scratches and dents, and that durability is another plus for a somewhat careless wearer. The butterfly’s bottom line: This is a piece sure to capture the imagination without breaking the bank.

    Best Amethyst Jewelry for Spirituality: Healing Crystal Round Pendant Necklace

    This unisex pendant is a perfect talisman for seekers.

    Why It Made the Cut: The simple design of this Nupuyai “healing” necklace makes it ideal for everyday wear, making it our top choice for spirituality.


    • Adjustable nylon braided rope from 18-inch- 28-inch, with 2-inch thickness
    • Pendant 1.6-inches in diameter, 0.3-inch in thickness
    • No clasp
  • Very good cut 
  •   Lower clarity from inclusions
  • Durable cord  
  •   Larger pendant
  • Natural stone, each one is unique  
  • Crystal practitioners believe that wearing an amethyst can protect against negative energies, awaken intuition, and provide clarity and peace. Nupuyai’s donut pendant is a fine choice for those hoping to achieve such spiritual goals, as its simple shape could represent happiness, tranquility, and nature to the owner. Wear it as a talisman or an energy stone, or even tuck it under a pillow—some say an amethyst can even alleviate insomnia!

    The pendant hangs from a simple cord as opposed to a chain for down-to-earth appeal. It stands out from the pack of more typical hexagonal and geode designs, but it is on the large side. While size is a matter of personal preference, the amethyst's poor clarity is not: Visible inclusions lower the gemstone's value and brilliance. 

    Best Anniversary Gift: Amethyst and Diamond Halo Ring

    Best Anniversary Gift
    Partner Pleaser!
    Check Price
    This stunning Amethyst and Diamond Halo Ring is sure to delight.

    Why It Made the Cut: Combining superb cut, color, and design, this jewelry ring highlights the best aspects of an amethyst gem to be the top pick as an anniversary gift.


    • Center 2.7-carat amethyst stone
    • 14K rose-gold band
    • Prong setting
  • Features a reddish-violet stone
  •   Limited sizes and quantities
  • High-quality band   
  • Expensive
  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • Those that eschew the traditional wedding anniversary gift-giving guide in favor of more glittering tokens have cited the amethyst as the ultimate six-year present.

    Effy Jewelry’s amethyst and diamond halo ring is a heavenly way to mark the date. 

    This ring, the priciest piece of jewelry on our list, features a quality reddish-purple stone centered in a diamond-encrusted 14-carat rose-gold band. Most gem dealers prefer a rich reddish-purple stone to a darker purple, so the former hue tends to hold more value. Plus, rose gold is the ideal setting to bring out the saturated red of the stone, while the diamonds add plenty of sparkle. If you aim to please your partner for any reason, or treat yourself to a stunning ring, this handcrafted ring is truly a statement jewel.

    Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Amethyst Jewelry

    When shopping for amethyst jewelry, there are several factors to keep in mind. First off, don’t let a low price point dissuade you: High-quality, well-cut amethyst stones are readily available, so you can find a spectacular piece at an affordable price. Then focus on these four aspects when perusing pieces of amethyst jewelry.

    • Color: Jewelers consider deep, rich violet stones most valuable and price those pieces accordingly. Just keep an eye out for “color zoning,” which refers to the uneven distribution of color in a stone. Place the gem upside down on a white surface and look for any brownish or bronze tints that would devalue an amethyst.
    • Clarity: Clarity is key to how well an amethyst glitters. Inclusions can impact the gemstone’s ability to reflect light out of the surface, affecting its brilliance and, in turn, its value.
    • Carat: As with any other gemstone, an amethyst’s size impacts its price tag. But unlike precious stones, amethysts don’t have much of a carat value difference.
    • Cut: Amethysts are softer stones known for freeform cuttings by hand or machines, allowing designers the option of crafting one-of-a-kind pieces versus mass-produced ones. While amethysts are often cut to maximize color, they may not be cut at all, depending on the whim of the designer. Bottom line: While some cuts may be more popular than others, if you like the look of the stone, go for it—cut doesn’t impact an amethyst’s value very much.


    Q: Are amethysts expensive?

    Amethysts were once considered precious gemstones, but today they are incredibly affordable due to their availability. High-quality stones can cost as little as $20 per carat and run as high as $40 per carat.

    Q: Is it okay to wear amethyst every day?

    An amethyst is fine for everyday wear, but to prevent discoloration, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Also, try not to wear amethyst jewelry during sports and other vigorous physical activities to avert scratches and damages. Amethyst is softer than stones such as diamonds and moissanite.

    Q: Does amethyst look better with gold or silver?

    This is truly a matter of personal taste, as amethyst looks great in just about any setting. The gemstone complements both warm and cool colors, so you really can’t go wrong—just follow your heart’s desire!

    Final Thoughts

    Amethyst is a semiprecious stone that proves you needn’t go broke on a sparkling, striking piece of statement jewelry. Some people also believe it to possess spiritual qualities that enhance the wearer from the inside. If you love the color purple but might shy away from a blouse or dress in that shade, an amethyst ring, bracelet or earrings can allow you to flaunt the hue in a subtle way.