Best Hot Air Hair Brushes for a Sleek Blowout

These dryers are easy to control for a bouncy blowout.

Simultaneously wielding a round brush and a bulky blow dryer sending a rush of heat your way can be pretty tricky, unless you’re a professional hairstylist—that’s why hot air hair brushes are so convenient. In one step, you can get the smooth look of a salon blowout, thanks to how easy it is to control these brushes. If you’re looking to smooth your hair fast, here are some options.

3 Heat Settings

An ION generator speeds up drying time and boosts shine. Revlon


It’s good to look for more than one type of bristle on your hot air hair brush to get the sleekest, most voluminous results. Nylon bristles glide through knots, while tufted bristles are gentle on the hair and smooth without causing breakage.

Charcoal Bristles

A vented brush head speeds up your drying time. Hot Tools


A hot air hair brush lets you target the scalp for lots of volume at the roots, which can be hard to do when you’re balancing a round brush and a traditional blow dryer. To keep your roots from falling flat, gently pull the brush away from the head, starting as close to the scalp as possible, and work in sections to ensure lift from every angle.

1,000 Watts of Power

A swivel cord makes it easy to add curls with a flick of the wrist. Bongtai


A good blowout can take the place of a straightening or curling routine, depending on how you angle the brush. To get loose curls, work in small sections and twist the brush vertically away from your head. Add volume to the roots by pulling the hair in a horizontal motion. If a sleeker look is what you’re after, work only in horizontal motions, pulling hair straight out from your head.